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Just I've said to Frostyboy, sent us your Discord id, we have a proposal for both of you

You're welcome! If you can address your Discord id on our email we can discuss the details.

Se sei curioso, anche le location della scuola ho scattato personalmente le foto, quindi potresti riconoscerne le origini 

We've a lot of ideas in mind linked to Crescendo. But we're still too far in early stage, so for now we prefer to focus on the main project and make the release faster

Mmmmh I see. We'll recheck the code and see what we can do to fix that.

Really?? Could you tell us about the issue?

Aye aye, sorry for the late reply. 
For your first questions, the answer is yes: while fully explicit scenes won't be included for a looooooong time, we are working on adding innuendos and "bulging up" some near-future cgs :3

For the "reaction animation" part I'm not exactly sure how to interpretate it (more animation on sprites, more poses...), but either way we held back further additions to sprite variations until the uniform change is fully implemented.
Thank you for your patience! 

Sure thing!

Divo here: happy holidays everyone, We know we look quite dead, but we're still alive, we are zombies. The usual stuff happened: exams, Googs got the covid, then I graduated, then Googs' exams... In the meantime we have released a special episode that it's not avaible on, but today we have announced a new schedule and we hope to release a full build here soon too.

Thank you for word^^
About the mc portrait not showing, we noticed that while fixing the UI on Android, portraits might not appear on Tablet devices. We are still looking into how to fix it, gomen!!

Don't worry, we are always here to help you  if anything goes wrong, so call us again if you encounter other problems. Oh, and leave a comment too if you like the new chapter ;)

HiHi, Googs here. I watched someone play the new update today as well as trying replicating this error through speedrunning the whole thing multiple times without any success. 

The error in question is due to the script not being able to fetch the required image. In practice this means that A. This could've been a temporary error.

B. Your download was corrupted.

C. Something got moved around while you were editing the game files.

In this case, I highly suggest you to redownload our build and try again. In case the error persist, please let us know^^

Oh, don't worry about that. That option still wasn't implemented at the moment of original release. Next build will add that option alongside more content, so look out for it ^^

Best of luck!

Thank you for your praises! We are really glad you enjoyed our work ^^

Thank you for your interest! Let us know what you think about it^^

I just tested all links and they seem to work. Your router might be blocking downloads, to verify it try starting the download on your phone with mobile data just to check if it works. Alternatively, feel free to post a screenshot of the error. Hope it could help!

Which version?? I will look into it immediately

Hihi, we have cleared and reworked sprites ' shadows, as well as adding a new cg. Hope you can give our game another shot^^

The closest canon thing we could possibly get is Jeffrey and Daren h*ld*ng h*nds *blep*

Hi, thank you for your question!
We are firstly going to update the hud before attempting an android build, but there will surely be one at some point in time ^^