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Just finished the game. I would say you have an amazing main character, well designed, dialogue really supported his character. Goatman reminded me of a Jojo characters style and confidence (especially his pose during confrontations) while still feeling original. 

  I didn't like that you can miss confrontations so easily, my first play through I didn't even realize the prompt appeared. Maybe just change the color or placement for the prompt so it's more prominent. It sort of made it feel more systematic. Like I know after finding a new piece of evidence it meant a new round of talking to everyone until I found new evidence or had to make a confrontation. More rooms with easily missable objects like keys for interactive closest would help it not feel as repetitive. Also I would have Goatman acknowledge he has all the eviedence to piece the crime together or you could walk around for too long looking for more evidence and confrontations that don't exist like I did.

  The art style is unique and works really well, came onto this page ready to laugh until I tried the game and was pulled in by the colors and soundtrack, as well as Goatman and his distaste for lowly humans.

  Hated that I couldn't just hold down the mouse button in a direction to make Goatman walk, at times I pressed on the staircase trying to head to Lee and if I left the office and went in his direction I would rapidly switch between the two by accident.

  One of the weakest parts was the mystery. Once you uncover one of the last two items (not weapons) the perpetrator seemed heavily obvious and 2 out of 4 of the characters seemed out of question. I guessed what happened before I even found the last set of items and weapons.

  The only part weaker than the mystery was the motive and  lack of any visuals when confronting the killer. In Detective Conan the reveal and the killers reasoning are heavy scenes, they can either reinforce the killer as a monster or give them a bit of humanity. By just adding the person crying, a twisted face with anger, or with a lost look, you could have given the reveal more emotional impact. With a poor reason it made me feel like the incident was a bit forced and just silly. 

Overall 7/10 - Really enjoyable. Don't think I'll ever forget Goatman as an MC, he's just fucking awesome. Great soundtrack, engaging mystery to a point, original art style,  dialogue was decent, and a terrible motive. Would heavily recommend and I pray to the great detectives in the sky we get more of GoatMan. I'll stream this and recommend the game to many