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Very fun concept! But I wish it had an end goal instead of going on into infinity... Would love there to be an enemy castle to siege, and the red line being the point past which you can't use your cards or something instead of where your troops stop advancing.

Yep! I saw it in the options! Though it didn't work for me when playing in cockpit view... It seems cockpit view just forces a specific way to look   TTmTT

But playing in 3rd person, the camera behaved as configured in the settings, it should work for you.   :D

I am loving the game so far! It's ALMOST the perfect blend between Starfox 2 and Wingnuts 2 that I've been wanting since I first played Starfox 2! There's a few problems I have with it that make the game less fun for me though, as most specially affect cockpit view gameplay, which I like because it makes me feel like a better pilot heheh.

X is always inverted when looking in cockpit view. No matter how I change the settings.

When you fire weapons in the KIRIN swing wing fighter, the projectiles and particle effects basically spawn inside the cockpit. This is mildly annoying with rockets/missiles, but with guns it causes a terrible strobing effect, the whole screen flashes yellow with each shot.  A huge eyesore, not to mention a seizure hazard for those sensitive.

When targetting an enemy, the target's HUD elements are rendered behind the cockpit, so I can't see where my enemy is or how far they are even if I target them unless I nose down or fly upside-down. (I guess it's more realistic, but it doesn't seem like a deliberate design choice...)

And finally, unrelated to cockpit mode, scrolling the mousewheel to choose weapons is very janky! Instead of weapons changing one at a time with each discrete bit of movement, the game quickly switches through the weapons only if I'm scrolling fast enough, and it's uncontrollable, I can't choose a weapon like this. heck, often I end up with the same weapon.

Other than that, I'm really enjoying the game! Heck, even if those issues were to much as for me to enjoy cockpit mode, the default viewpoint is also very fun, and I haven't tried the other 1st person viewpoint yet! I'm very happy I discovered this game!   ^0^

If I ever have a VR headset you bet this is gonna be one of the first games I try. Probably right after half life alyx.