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Really enjoyed the puzzles! I got stuck in an early one, but after I understood how to think about the puzzles, they became easier to solve.

Ohhhh that's a really good idea... What if one of the finished paintings required you to solve it not as four parts of a painting, but in layers? So, the first piece of the puzzle would be the ground work (so, probably the sky), and then the next puzzle would add a little more detail, and so on and so forth... And then the player can go back one screen to see all the layers combined.

That would be pretty fun actually!

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback! Yeah, there's issues with UX with the colors of puzzles and back button animation, eughhh... When the judging period's over, I definitely plan to fix pretty much all those issues with juicier UI and nice transitions between scenes and fixing up the puzzles so they have more color contrast.

For clicking through the text, are you referring to how slow he speaks and that you want to click the text so he finishes his line immediately? Bob only has one line of text for every page, so clicking through the text wouldn't do anything otherwise lol

I wasn't sure if we should have added an eraser-like function since that wouldn't be very paint-like... but Picross games usually let you reset the board. Maybe a clear paint color in a bucket would be a good compromise?

@iwanPlays You can hold the left shift key to run! ...Though it's still fairly slow after that haha

Haha, yeah it's a pretty slow game. You can move faster by holding the left shift key, but even then, it's not much faster. Liked the timing with the bug - niceee

(I've fixed the bug now lol)

You are the enemies' quarry, and you have a pet rock. Rocks can be found in quarries, so it's a double pun!