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Thank you for your kind comment.

I didn't notice that text issue. lol. 

Thank you for playing this (not a game). 

I will fix this playable.

Thank you for your advice.

I will put your ideas into my game.

SANA is Eternal.

Sorry for your inconvenience. I'll fix later. Thanks for playing.

I changed my submission answer.

You means I have to upload my github adress?

I almost passed out when I faced three ghosts. It's a good horror game. All I want is for the battery would last longer.

This game looks great, especially when I first join the main menu and gameplay. Being chased by a rabbit was quite thrilling. But I don't know how to collect something. Is there an input key or something?

Thank you for playing. I noticed that bug. I'll fix it after jam is over.

Thank you for playing. That was a bug. I'm sorry. I'll fix later.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much.

Thank you for your post. I had to make a more specific description.

Sorry for the incomplete tutorial. I had to make a more specific description.

Thank you for your post and advice about images.

Thanks you for playing. I will try to make a better game.