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A member registered Mar 11, 2022

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Honestly really cool game also short and some pretty interesting game mechanics.

Game was fun pacing was really weird.

Amazing experience love the feel of this

Pretty good short experience honestly really eerie.

Honestly really cool horror game there were some sound bugs every now and then like when getting in a coffin in the basement but other than that i loved it really got some outlast feeling out of it got a little video with no commentary if you wanna watch but definitely check the game out its short and worth a try.

Game is really good looking and immersive pretty cool little short experience.

Honestly what a cool, Scary and immersive experience plus that twist was really interesting.Loved it.

Fun Short Experience the little run behind when i shut the door scared the hell out of me haha 

Really good game the atmosphere kept me on edge

Really good game love the atmosphere and setting of the game also the teddy vision is a really cool concept here's a video with no commentary if you wanna check the game out play it first its short and satisfying.