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I did a similar thing in the game "Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom" to break what ground level you were on.  

If you wanted to see:

So far your game seems a lot less bug prone than that game was.

Not sure what bugs have been reported, but in the beginning town, the first house you come from, the top-right roof tile can be walked through from top-to-bottom. Also in the beginning town, if you keep opening and closing the menu while walking down to the exit area before you're supposed to leave, your character will get locked because all of the controls stop registering. I don't really think anyone would typically do that honestly, but I thought I should mention it.

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Yo, this is Goodlookinguy from the MCNE scripting language project that you use for this game. With the forums you requested bug fixes in shutting down, I attempted to send you an email with my personal email so that you could request bug fixes to me personally, but the forum email was apparently invalid. I then tried to send one on your site and I don't think it works. Anyways, for now just send me bug reports on Bitbucket I guess, unless you did get that email.

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I may be coming with my brother. We only live 10 minutes away.

(Sorry for the late signup)