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Derpy Smurf

A member registered Nov 02, 2018

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This was honestly a very unique mechanic which overall made the games enjoyable, am very curious to see how else it could be implemented to stay fresh.

Enjoyed this game very much! I took a while to finish it but it was very enjoyable keep up the good work!

This was certainly something incredible.

Nice game, went in incredibly interested and came out very pleased! 

Interesting game, but was unable to figure out the password myself.

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Really enjoyed it, the sound design was amazing!

It's like the opposite of SCP-173 having to keep your eyes closed to stay safe. Here's my playthrough of it skip to 11:16 for it.

I dig games like this so it was very enjoyable for me. Good stuff!

It was certainly different, nice creature. 

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I had a blast playing through it. Was better than I expected and that is always nice to have happen.

Skip to 6:16 for Beyond The Grave

I'm garbage at these kinds of games but I really dig having to slightly multitask in this with the flashlight and pay attention to things I personally wasn't seeing first couple times around.

Wow just wow XD and to think I thought I was in danger. Loved it!

Its the last one I played Interesting mechanic just a bit problematic playing it while having dual monitors but aside from that really well done I dig it.