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Really enjoyed it, the sound design was amazing!

It's like the opposite of SCP-173 having to keep your eyes closed to stay safe. Here's my playthrough of it skip to 11:16 for it.

I dig games like this so it was very enjoyable for me. Good stuff!

It was certainly different, nice creature. 

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I had a blast playing through it. Was better than I expected and that is always nice to have happen.

Skip to 6:16 for Beyond The Grave

I'm garbage at these kinds of games but I really dig having to slightly multitask in this with the flashlight and pay attention to things I personally wasn't seeing first couple times around.

Wow just wow XD and to think I thought I was in danger. Loved it!

Its the last one I played Interesting mechanic just a bit problematic playing it while having dual monitors but aside from that really well done I dig it.