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That's awesome!

I'm honestly a sucker for 3D platformers. Super fun submission and the world felt strange and amazing! It kind of feels inspired by Toree 3D.

I will say, I think I glitched into another level somehow? The platforming feels a little stiff but over all it was a really fun game. Great work!

I really enjoyed the artwork for effect for this game. And the character was super cute. I thought the idea was interesting and pretty challenging. I think maybe adding less plots to work with would be better as the game rewards you for having less. But honestly, great submission!

Such a strange but amazing idea! Honestly thought the mouse controls worked great and I loved the art style. The only thing I struggled with was the depth on one of the flies. It was a little hard to tell where it was at. If you wanted to this could honestly be a full fledge game with a little bit more polish. Amazing job!

Very creative idea! I liked the setting and mechanics. My only feedback is I wish there was a tool tip on which meat was what because I was a little confused at the beginning. Also music and sounds, or even wind ambience would have added a lot. But great work, it was fun! :D

Really enjoy this one! The characters were funny. I laughed especially at the library guy being two places at once. The game reminded me of Earthbound which is a huge compliment. Great work!

I'm always so impressed by games made with Pico-8. The art style is really nice and retro, and I love the gardening idea. My only struggle was just understand how to play everything but I think will a little patience the game is pretty rewarding.

Thanks so much for submitting! Great work!

Didn't realize this was a 3D game until I played it. And man, it's actually really fun. I love the voxel art style and the platforming. I do understand why some people say the camera is a little awkward but it didn't bother me that much. It was super fun to run around to do some crazy platforming.

My only comment is that the thumbnail doesn't really represent the game well, and also would be cool to have a more colorful background.

Either way, great work!

I was surprised by just how fun this game was to play. The mouse controls work really well and feels natural. Also I love the idea of adding more bees to your pollen army! Honestly, great job! This was a really fun submission!

Really interesting concept! I love how you used allergies as a mechanic. Definitely very creative and fitting for the theme. Pretty challenging and the scythe's range is pretty short. But overall it was a enjoy experience! Great work!

I'm a sucker for 3D physic based platformers like this. Super fun to play! I will say though, this made the fans on my computer kick on at full blast. But I think that's more so the engines fault and not yours. Great work!

This game really feels like an adventure! I love the little details you added like showing the character behind the trees. The artstyle is really cute and I like the story. It reminds me of Link's Awakening.

My only feedback is maybe the player should move a bit faster since he's so slow. I think it would make the flow of the game feel puncher.

Great job though!

Clever idea! I like how the bees become the planforms that your need to use. Also thought the squash and stretch was an nice addition as well. Pretty challenging but over all really cute and fun. Great work!

Fun idea! I love how you can throw the eggs to catch more. Cute idea! Great work!

Super fun! Love the concept and artstyle! My only feedback is that the mower should turn the opposite way when moving backwards. Great job though, I really enjoyed it!

Woah! One of the strangest submissions but was pretty creative! Great work!

Looks like a really cool game, wish I was still able to play it!

Love that you made a "Spring" game! haha The game had a nice feel to it, and I really like how there are two different paths you can take. You also did a good job of showing that there was a bottomless pit on the left side. That was a nice touch!

My only thought was that the jumping was a little unpredictable because of the bouncing. But overall I thought it was a fun spring game. Great job!

Super cute and charming game. I know there wasn't much gameplay but the artwork and music really was really cute. The number one thing I love to see in a game jam is a nice game feel/ambience and this game has that. Great work!

Such a simple idea but it was super fun. Also I thought it was clever that you used the egg as the object you need to grab. The artwork and music was nice and relaxing, and overall I had fun with it. Great work!

Cute little egg hunt! I thought it hand drawn art was charming and it was fun. Great work!

Seems like a fun, little TTRPG. Would have been fun to try it out!

A fun take on the classic roll down a platformer style of game. I thought it was fun to use an orange, like it's falling from the tree.

My only thought it to add a hurt animation and sound when you hit the clouds. That way you know you're taking damage. Great work though!

Super cute game, and probably one of the most aesthetic and relaxing that I've played. Obviously, I loved the Chicken and just the whole art style in general. Have nothing but great things to say.

Great work and excited what you'll make in the future!

I got trolled... haha Liked the artstyle and kudos for using Godot. :D

I also love it when game jam games have stories because it makes the world feel more alive. Fun little platformer and of course I loved Tim. Great work!

My favorite about about it is how you made the sapling jump. It kind of sells the whole idea that you're playing as a tree and I love that. I like how the first level has a little bit of a puzzle of moving left first to make the jump.

My only feedback would be to add some music and sounds as those are an important part of giving your game life. It was a fun little game though! Great work!

I personally think that ambience in a game is incredibly important. Would like really like about your submission is it capture that feeling of a rainy spring night. I loved the leaf particles and the rain drops. It felt cozy and that's not the easy thing to accomplish so great work.

Also brownie points for using Godot. ;)

Fun, especially for a first game! Proud of you for submitting a game and you'll definitely improve and get better overtime. Thanks for submitting! :D

Loved the artwork and concept sketches you created. I can really see you tried planning out the game first, which I love. Fun experience!

Though my only feedback is that the flower sound effect is incredibly loud.

Great work!

Probably the most fun I've had collecting flowers! You really did such a fantastic job taking a simple concept and making it feel like a real world. Every time I finished up a day, I was excited to see what the characters would say and do. Also the flower combo system was brilliant. Using the sound to show where you were at in the combo made it incredibly easy to pick up and understand. It adds variety and decision making.

I felt like the music and sounds mixed with the art created a relaxing but familiar aesthetic. And know this is your first real game project, I'm blown away how you were able to capture that amazing feel.

Honestly, I don't really have much feedback other than I wish there was more story and dialogue. I think the length of the game was fine for now, though if it is longer in the future I definitely think there needs to be more variety in the gameplay. Maybe more flowers, different location, another hazard? Something to make it more challenging while maybe making it easier to collect flowers.

Fantastic work! I'm impressed and can't wait to see what you create in the future!

Probably one of my favorite games just gameplay-wise. I duck felt amazing to control, other than the throwing mechanic felt a little strange, and I loved the crouch. That squeak made me laugh! haha

Love the ambience and sounds you added. It had a really nice level of polish. Even the Banana's had a sweet destroying animation.

Like I said, the only thing that was awkward as the carrying mechanic, like how you needed to am up to throw up. But that just takes time and testing to polish that up.

Great work! :D

A fun little experience. Definitely very chill and relaxing. I thought the artwork fit nicely with the game for sure.

My only thought would be to add sound and ambience noises in the background like birds chirping. It would make the gardening more relaxing and make it feel less like a game and more like an experience.

Great job though! Especially considering the timeframe!

This game was incredibly charming, I especially loved the Watering Can character. I'm also impressed you used RPG Maker for this, as that's not really the ideal engine to use for a game like this.

I will say, I agree with some other comments that the watering part takes a long time. It doesn't help that the snail make it take longer either. But I can see how that's part of the challenge. I think being able to jump would have added to the experience, but I understand that probably would have been hard to implement with the engine you were using.

Overall, you really did create a charming feel to your game and the idea was original. Great work!

Honestly, I really enjoyed the artist and animations in the game. The collectathon aspects were fun and also brownie points for using Godot. I could see this being fleshed out to a larger scale game for sure.

My only feedback I would give is to add some music and background ambience sounds to help sell the world. Also the Bee's fluttering ability is a little slow. I would almost be better if the be couldn't fly as long, but could get air faster.

Other than that, this turned out great! Great work!

Thanks so much for playing! :D

Actually, Crepe runs the Firith account. But, hello! :D

Ayye, thanks so much! :D

Thanks so much for the kind words! I definitely will make a full release as this is one of my favorite games I've made. Cheers, and seriously thanks for the encouragement. :D