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Incredible game

This might sound weird, but have you considered making some classes/sprites unlockables? The character art seems to be the main draw of the game, so you could turn them into  rewards that you find in the dungeon, as a better incentive to keep playing. Sorry if this sounds dumb, just a thought that wouldn't leave me

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good movement

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Wishlisted the full version, incredible atmosphere

Here's my best time after a day of attempts. I wonder if anyone's ever finished it faster than this. Maybe I've just established the world record for Dys any%.

I'm tempted to speedrun this game. CarbonDemon's pentaslash can one oneshot most enemies (at least it did in normal mode). You could make a party full of carbdems, level them up to unlock pentaslash and then reincarnate them into weddingninjas. Tell me if you'd like to see me try.