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Good Enough Gang

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Game Play!

Glad you managed to get this uploaded! Was very funny and loved the humor, your art is superb by the way. Really good use of color.

Thanks for playing! Enjoyed the video, hope you play again when we update the game with part two.

We are going to begin work on the next part soon and yes there will be more story and more things to do.  Thanks for playing and reviewing, your commentary is very funny, we enjoyed it very much!

Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed it. We didn't really know what we were setting out to create when we made this game  but we are so happy that it's been so well received by players. We look forward to the next chapter of dolldo's story and do hope you'll come back to play when it's available.

Thank you so much for fitting our game into your schedule! We are glad you enjoyed the humor we instilled and we look forward to continuing with this project as feed back has been really well received.  Hope you play the future installments!

Really digging your channel. Thanks for helping out us indies and giving us a platform to be reviewed on for those interested in playing. The video was great!

Wanted to thank you so much fro playing, we enjoyed your comedic commentary and look forward to seeing more videos of great games on your channel. 

Thank you so much for playing! We really enjoyed your video  review and we are taking all advice and suggestions into consideration for future installments of "dolldo".  Raccoons are scary!

Thank you so much for playing  our game. Initially we had planned on this demo being on a much larger scale but we wanted to keep it short and gain some insight from players before delving any further.  We are very appreciative of your feedback and with it we hope to lay down the groundwork for a larger scale version of the game. 

Kudos for being able to embed a UE4 game!  Where is the link to the LDJAM page?

My wife made me download it because she saw a Shiba. Was not disappointed. We had a good chuckle.

Took a few tries but I feel I got the hang of it.