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Yes.  PS4 controllers are supported.

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You have to exit the book while on the "Jane Doe 10:12" page.  You will hear a broken bell ring.  At that point, you have to ring the bell on the counter.

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Did you go into the building at the front of the motel?  There is a puzzle in there that needs to be solved.

Awesome job as always! Looks great, plays great. Was wondering why you weren't doing the IDGASDGJ and now I know. I can't wait for Demonizer to completed and launched. Thanks for the patch to our game!

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You my friend, are the man! Thanks bud!

Thanks so much for playing! We made this game for a 48 hour game jam so we had to keep it short, we had planned to add birds swooping down from the sky to pick you up and take you away to eat you.

Fun! Wish there were some checkpoints, starting over sucks!!

Foreground, middleground, background, so many layers of beauty!

I fell in love with a snail!


I figured it out! Beats!

Thanks!  Can you give me tips on how to play your game? It was the first one I downloaded and I was winning but I don't know why! 

Downloaded and played your game last night. Looking forward to the next demo. Great level design, keep up the good work!

Thank you for playing!

Sorry not at the moment. Just FYI it doesn't run in Proton or Wine.


Apologies for not posting it earlier.

We absolutely love your videos. Thanks for supporting us again with your content. Stay tuned, we have another game on the way later this month. Check us out on twitter for news about it and screen shots from the work we have in progress. Can't wait to see more from you. Your reaction to that last ending you got was priceless.  Hope you try for a different ending. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to play and review our game for others. It's content creators like you who really help indies by sharing our games with the community.  

Funny stuff, I tweeted out to you. Thanks again.

That's correct, it was meant to be symbolic in that very nature, good catch!

Lol! We actually came across your video earlier today on you tube and also subscribed to you. We enjoyed watching your play through to all  four endings. The ending in question wasn't necessarily good, but it was the best outcome you could get.  Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much for playing! I just watched your play through and I really enjoyed watching you take the time to make your decisions on what to say and where to go. I'm glad the narrative was able to reach you in a way that made you think about it being like poetry. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this. On a side note I'm glad to see you were able to make use of the 21:9 aspect. We design our games to be playable on 16:9 but we both work using 21:9 monitors and we added the ability to enjoy the games in both. Great Video!

Thank you for your continued support! This was one of our first games when we first began developing and we enjoyed making it as well as playing it. 

Thank you for playing and taking the time to feature the entire game with all it's ending in your video. We love the feed back and look forward to learning more as we continue to develop. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you  for supporting aspiring indies like ourselves by playing and leaving feedback. We appreciate it!

Thank you so much for playing our game! We found your commentary quite funny, we are making games because it is our passion and we hope to one day do it for a living. Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much for playing!

Loved your illuminati comment in your video, Might have to add an all seeing eye to that pyramid in level 1 if we release an actual game of this. Also you're the best!

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Hello and thank you so much for playing our game. You were very close to beating that first level. There are more after and we hope to continue working on this project, as it stands it is only a prototype to see if players enjoyed it as much as we did. Apologies that there wasn't a clear explanation about the rules in the game. They are listed on the Hyper-D download page. The object of the game is to crash into other vehicles to gain both more speed and time on the clock. Crashing into the sides will slow you down. Not hitting enough cars will make it so you run out of time and slow down. I hope you continue trying and maybe even upload a video of you beating the prototype. If it is too difficult please let us know. 

Awesome, we were a bit worried wit might be too difficult. Checkout our post jam version we cleaned it up a bit and added 2 more levels! 

Post Jam Version here:

Thank you for playing:)

Thank you! I'm curious if you beat it and if so how long did it take you?

I think you submitted the wrong game to the ue4 jam. Email the community manager, they will listen to you if it was a mistake to submit your other one.  

Glad you managed to get this uploaded! Was very funny and loved the humor, your art is superb by the way. Really good use of color.

Thanks for playing! Enjoyed the video, hope you play again when we update the game with part two.

We are going to begin work on the next part soon and yes there will be more story and more things to do.  Thanks for playing and reviewing, your commentary is very funny, we enjoyed it very much!

Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed it. We didn't really know what we were setting out to create when we made this game  but we are so happy that it's been so well received by players. We look forward to the next chapter of dolldo's story and do hope you'll come back to play when it's available.

Thank you so much for fitting our game into your schedule! We are glad you enjoyed the humor we instilled and we look forward to continuing with this project as feed back has been really well received.  Hope you play the future installments!

Really digging your channel. Thanks for helping out us indies and giving us a platform to be reviewed on for those interested in playing. The video was great!