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Bought this specifically for the icons in here, hoping it would be a good addition to "1000+ Fantasy RPG Icons", but unfortunately it's basically all the same icons.  There are some unique ones, but it seems like those are unique because the creator felt he could improve them, and released better versions of those icons in the other pack.  90%+ are the exact same though.

I know you've stated that you don't have any significant restrictions for commercial use outside of redistribution. I just want to verify though.  Is it okay to use your works in commercial games that have mature content?

The snow looks amazing!

This suggestion was great, the green version is perfect!  Thank you for suggesting, and thank you for making!

I already bought it here, but my friend only buys them on steam and they would be perfect for his game!  He already bought the exterior there.

When will this be released on steam? (If at all.)

Hey WinLu!  Good to know, thank you!  I'm very much looking forward to your future works!

I did mean something different however!  I was talking about assets for an overworld map.  Essentially things like forests, mountains, jungles, or cities/villages.  But much smaller!  If you have RPG Maker MZ, by default these sorts of assets would be under img/tilesets/World_[A,B,C].png  Essentially they're for a big, zoomed out map, that's typically to connect other maps together.  With them an entire forest or mountain range can be shown with just a few tiles.

An example using default assets:

Also here's a link to the wiki in case I explained it poorly:

I understand this tileset is probably done, and you're focused on your (wonderful) interior tileset for this series!  I was hoping there could be an addition either to this, or perhaps a separate purchase in the same series for overworld assets!  Things like mountains, single tile rivers, forests, cities, etc!