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Good Gucci Gang

A member registered Feb 19, 2021

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W game (the ending feels a bit anticlimactic, kinda like a final boss scene without the final boss) 

W game ong legit god-like, divine, bible status.

more of everything and difficulty settings would be very good.

There is a bug(but i still got my W).

good game? (have never played)

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Add a skip button to skip fights if they go on for too long(the button could appear when the battle goes on for 1-3 minutes) , i had a karakai with the item: living root and the passive: calcify, i noticed while fighting the juggernaut that it heals, so the battle just kept going on forever because my karakai healed while also getting defense and then the juggernaut kept healing 150 whenever it was low.

The game is way too short, add back infinite mode pls yes.(the games is really good btw)

good game but boring since it is in beta and it has no end to it=yes :)

good to know, cool game though.

damn, rip game?

good game ye


rip game


fr this game gets boring when u get to level 20 or so, needs some replayability and that's a good game.


good game


nice game gamer

very poggers gamee

pog game

probably no