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how is this not on top of itch io?

Hello, no need to install anything, just unzip the folder and the exe file is in the WindowNoEditor folder under the name of TheManinTheAttic

the descriptions states that he made this assets himself you can see it on his artstation

is this game meant to represent that The Backroom games are generally quite shit?

I really like it when a game creates a little world for the player to experience, and this game did it well, good experience,I am pretty sure this project was a fun one to work on.

I think you are the first person that actually wanted to meet the man in the attic, thats respectable!

you are wrong, the speedrun record is 2:11!

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That was great, I don't even know how you got UE4 to look like that. I really liked the level design, and the consistent art style looked great, very fitting for you game. And even tho your game used quite a few dynamic lights, it ran very well for me on my 4year old AMD system.

I have to check what happens if I don't leave the house.

This must be the best thing I witnessed hands down