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This was my second death to a mechanic I either didn't understand or was bugged.  My oxygen production was right next to my generator.  When night fell, it stopped producing.  The generator still had fuel and other things were running, but oxygen was kaput.  So I just waited to die.  If there was a reason for this, the game went to pains to keep it from me.  Not recommended.

The game, however, does.  You as the player are given opportunities to violate the MC's personal code of ethics by doing things like spying frivolously on the girls, punishing without cause, hiring the dance teacher who has nothing to recommend her, or blackmailing Judith.  That's the morality system I'm talking about.  And it's one of the better methods as it doesn't have absurd 'good points' but simply different consequences for your choices, good or bad.

Yeah, it took a while but I finally found it.

I'm stunned by how much I ended up liking this game.  I really did not expect anything more than the usual half-baked Ren'Py porn we usually see.  The creators here have put some effort into their work.  It's early days yet, I think, but there are a few things that really stand out.

The girls: You're introduced to...fifteen students?  I didn't count them but it should be around that.  As well as three female teachers, four if your school has no standards.  What surprised me right off the bat was that these are all reasonably developed characters.  No one has the same backstory and no one (even the twins) are interchangeable.  The developer has set a hefty task in crafting a narrative that will give due time to each of them.

The weird morality system: It's a fantasy world, and in this fantasy world acts which would be considered abusive elsewhere are actually beneficial.  The main character, the Headmaster, holds to a conviction that his methods are about helping the girls, not satisfying his own urges.  And you get to play that however you want.  Choices will come up where you can compromise yourself or stick to your guns.  It's surprising to see even that much roleplay potential in a porn VN.

The worldbuilding: Granted it's more like 'schoolbuilding' here.  But the girls all have things they do in their off-time, and monitoring what they do can be key to leading to the next events.  While they do get repetitious after a few, the fact that they exist at all makes the school feel more alive.

I'm not sure what to think of the punishment system.  I like the narrative aspects, especially how a students' wants or insecurities get woven in, but the general plan feels a little clunky, and the need to raise their three meters with a certain number of actions feels less strategic and more clunky.

Still, I'm going to be following this one.  I hope the developer can follow through on its promise.

There's a photo up there which looks like the girls in the shower stalls of the men's changing room.  The one with Debbie up front?  I haven't seen that in-game.