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i like the game and idea.

I think ninja and zoomster are good and balanced but the others are to weak. the difficulty increases very quickly which is fine but with so many weak cats it doesn't feel balanced. 


solid fun little game!

Hey notepad. I've been enjoying your youtube vids and games. Thanks for the content! 

where do you get your art?

great game! looking forward to the full release

enjoyable! feels like it's missing that "something" to make it special but I really enjoyed it. made it to the endless sea and a kraken. 

movement isn't smooth enough imo. Would like to see it improved. has potential

I guess just more of it lol! Definitely more levels to beat. Maybe more units. Just one or two more. 

fun game! good job

WOW! that's a lot. Thanks for sharing!

Great game! I've enjoyed it. I'm inspired to try to make my own solo journaling games and would love your advice on programs/platforms and resources you use? What did you use to make your documents?

how do I collect/complete quests? I got a quest to kill a boar. I did but the quest is still in my inventory.

A fun, well made, and easy to pick up game. Well done! It'd be nice to know what's on the dice before starting. I don't recall seeing that. on every die is it 1 sword, 2 swords, 3 swords, shield, dragon and ?

good game! but to much for me lol. I can win fights but to much to figure out the wheel. Great work though!

Cool idea!. I enjoyed it.

Fun game! I love the graphics, simple design, rules, etc. Seems to easy though. I've beaten it without having to try to hard or worry much about managing my stats. 

I'd love to see you continue to improve the game. adding difficulty, needing to manage stats/cards more, adding some more things in.

Not bad! I really like the graphics. I think it's to simple. Needs more depth whether that's more die or more times to roll etc, more cards etc

How do I get a code for saving my progress?

I like the simple gameplay and easy to learn. 

Suggests - stats display, hp/atk etc. increased speed of actions/turns. 

Not sure how to progress, How do I unlock the next area and unlock more cards? How do you do with golden eggs? how many do you need to do what?

fun game! well done.

What are the controls? nothing happens using keyboard or mouse.

Great game! hope to see you continue to develop it. Would love to see more guns and think the difficulty should increase faster.

loving the game! looking for some tips/strategy. is it better to get a team of six or start evoking before that? 

love the concept. Would be nice if it were a lot faster. 

it's a lot to make a game. few do it. you're doing great!

Matches are all starting on turn 2 now so it's my team of 3 verse 6 lol!

Fun so far but the green and yellow look to similar

correct, it does not play the win/lose/draw animation 

I'm finding the game freezes often. Seems like one a run or so after a round the game doesn't switch to the "buying screen" but just stops after a battle has finished. the music and animation continues but it never switches over. 

Thanks for the heads up! seems like there are a few sizing issues now. After each battle and at the end of a run. Still enjoy the game! and I dead to my old teams a lot lol. Hoping the update brings in some new players and looking forward to it coming to steam!

Ok, now I'm starting at turn 2. On my first fight I'm fighting full teams of 6 units. this happens every time even after closing the browser.

I restarted my comp and it's working. Thanks for your response!

it doesn't load at the start, the unity symbol. nothing happens

Game isn't loading.

great auto battler

good game. to much barrel breaking imo. it would be nice if once you clear a room you auto loot everything.