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Thanks for the reply!

Will note that the generated meshes here seem to give incorrect results with the corrected red channel which leads me to believe there is an issue with the tangents on these meshes. Could be a Godot issue because I do recall seeing this issue before in it.

Hey, wasn't sure if you were aware (checked the github issues but I didn't see any mention of this) Both DirectX and OpenGL style normalmaps generated in this are wrong. Not sure about the packed normal maps (2 channel normal map variant labeled as "default" in this program) are correct. I imagine they are wrong, but not entirely sure. Anyway, both DirectX and OpenGL style normal maps have the red channel represent the right side of the normals, meaning if you have something that protrudes outwards like bricks the red channel for each brick should be on the right, that in not the case in this program. They are on the left side. Super easy fix for people making textures in this: Use the decompose node and invert the red channel (top) and then recombine using the combine node.

Looks pretty cool, though I'm kind of interested in something now... Why don't you ever use the more advanced graphical features of FTEQW? Because all your games are Game Jam games and thus you have less time to make assets?

Every time I try to download the FTE .exe itself (I'm trying to get into Quake engine based development) Windows Defender blocks the download. I was able to get around it, but antivirus stuff seem to really hate the engine. Not sure why.

Windows 10

Won't launch for me... Will it not launch without an audio device? If so then I should be able to play tomorrow or the day after. Need a stupid USB thing to get my sound to work, and the last one I had broke on me. Anyway, can't wait to try this out!

Sorry it took so long to respond lol. I've tried running both examples, I'm using Visual Studio 2017. None of the examples run.

It compiled correctly but won't run. Gives 2 windows: A command line and a black screen and then closes a few seconds after launching. I'm on Windows 10.