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So much work put into the cover art and none into the game itself...

Surely pinkpenguin2020 has 1.2 million subscribers but is too cheap to purchase a game for 2$, totally believable story.


uhh you should limit the framerate because I get coil whine from my GPU which usually means the game renders way too many frames (which is even clearer by the fact that it only happens when the window is not visible and has nothing to render, which also makes the GPU usage jump from 4% to 40%)

thank you very much sir

wow when new update?

wow, didn't even know that windows supported changing icons so rapidly

You can give workers negative salary which gives you money

Fun game

Thats bs, the game doesn't even use raytracing, its using baked lights. But yeah, 32-bit computers are heavily under powered so its not gonna work - but you dont need a RTX

Fun game - for a while. It is way too easy, either make the difficulty ramp up quicker or make it harder in general. I tried to die on purpose and it was harder than dodging them 👁️👄👁️

You should probably make an WIndows build because it lags extremly for me in WebGL - I don't have a great computer, but its unreasonably laggy even for my computer. (AMD Ryzen 3 3200G and GTX 1050 TI)

u forgot to add the menu music to credits and the first time I tried I randomly was able to walk out of the map (windows above bed)

Be careful. Change your game's name to avoid trademark infringement. Team 17 already has a game called almost the same, The Survivalists (

 Nice game, even though you couldn't finish it. I searched minutes before reading your description, but that is my mistake. The sound & art design was great, the controls felt a bit random, why is up/down bound to the arrow keys and left/right to A/D. It would have been a great game if it was finished, but the sound and art design makes it good without real gameplay yet. I really look forward to you adding gameplay to this game.

Thanks for your feedback! Yep, I know that the collision box was too big, but I had no time yesterday to  fix it.  I will fix that and definitely add arrow key support for the post-jam version.  With the water toggling I am unsure where to map the key to, do you have an idea?

 Nice - I will definitely try your new game when it comes out!

lol i won first try

hey, you haven't updated this in a while. I wanted to check if you are still developing games, so I hope you get an email notification.

hi :) gutes spiel (hab den aktuellen highscore :))

i think  he fixed it in an update

und noch was, hallo :)

0xc000007b :(

I really like this game, it is relaxing and fun. I hope you will add more features to the game  :)

i broke game

The game glitched out when I placed 2 water sources and upgraded them a bit. After a few upgrades, fields would instantly be finished without me even seeding them