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A member registered Nov 16, 2020

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it keeps saying network error every time i try to download the game

i completed the whole thing, it was fun

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he got banned for using the sky mod i think

hey do you think you can port the VS static mod? the guy who made it before got banned and i can't play my favorite mod anymore

why did he get banned

options doesn't work i can't change what buttons do what

i got 70

i got 7/10

bruh i keep getting D

it doesn't work :(

why doesn't it work though

i got 1605


im playing on web version

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i think its broken i cant like or dislike or do anything after the first introduction thingy

edit: the screen scrolled way too up so i cant do anything

dang man i come back to playing this game after a few days and it's already better than basically all the games on

bruh you are one of the best among us fan game creators i have seen, keep up the good work this game is how i play among us because i have no friends

hello, i want to learn how to code but dont know where to start, do you have any tips?

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the bots keep freezing and the sabotage button/vent button keeps freezing, the vents kick me out of them the first time but the second time it works, and the sabotage button wont close until i press it a bunch of times, can you please fix this

P.S. as a suggestion, what about adding a difficulty setting to get harder or easier games

Edit: this is also the best among us fan games i have ever encountered