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looks like there is still something funky with how the trucks are sendt out... got a factory that makes wine, and they are set up with 1 truck each to 2x brandy factories, but only 1 of em get wine

thats great...

also found an annoying bug in how the trucks are sent out... if i send more then 8 trucks in total to 2 different location then it sends to only one random and ignore the other

and so i remember, just noticed in world generation tab, you got most hills at low, and least at high, so thats something that has to change

any chance your gonna increase numbers of outputs? makes it really hard and unrealistics when you only got 3 outputs nomatter what,  especially from the train stations. think they cost way too much so atleast you should get some more options from those i think. just bought the game and cant wait to see what you come up with in the future with the "comming soon" features i can see are comming