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how to finish hard to the touch

so adorable, and very amazing ending

i wish i knew how items worke

really cute!

I second this! I wanna see the full body too!

Awesome work as always Creature

high score 117

how the heck have you gotten that score

I wish there was an endless mode, but other than that great game!

LOVE the rock monsters


i've bought this before, how do i get the new versio?

i think it was made bad on purpose dude


i'm so close to beating the imp and fireball area


I got 61.400

git gud

Never mind I got it to work

all i know is that it is that i have windows

i just tried it again and it did work (finally). the first few times i tried it everything was SUPER slow and laggy.

Can you upload these as something other than rar files? I have a hard time getting them to work.

No matter what I do I can't seem to get Sanu to birth the seeds. Also, when you beat Lilith at the cow farm, the game keeps you in an infinite loop of fighting her, beating her, and when you try to get on the bridge you can't get on and when you try to leave the way you came you automatically start the pre-fight dialog and then fight her again. Also, sometimes none of the girls will give birth to their seeds at all even when they are maxed out on energy.

Yeah I got it now thanks. I was just stupid and didn't see one of the ledges.

TMI dude... we don't need to know this stuff...

Can you post this as a zip file? I can't get the rar-files to work.

I've only been able to find and beat the first boss so far. I have the split shot and the electric shot, have two of the three subweapons, got the max health upgrade, and can't seem to get to certain areas just barely. I'm really frustrated as all I'm able to do now is run from one side of the map to the other. What do I do?

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For some reason I can't get it to run at all...

Can you post it as a zip file please?