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A member registered Jan 06, 2022

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i just got all endings the clues though were super hard to figure out

Wait What You turn kids to coal i should call the police

(throws a child into the incinerator)

i have just discovered if you scroll down on the chat box it makes the south union rep push the button

no its actually pretty fun to do this

nope sorry this is what happens

this is what happens when you play this game 

this is a very impressive game i mean how did you put multiple games into one

this is the most scary game i have ever played

and i LOVED it!!!

i loved this game especially with the twist when someone sets of the nuke but i must ask why apes

first death i had a rebel attitude fancy car a house and a cosmic horror 


can you add a tutorial or a way to explain the game becuase it is very confusing on how to play