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gold slime

A member registered Sep 18, 2018

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there was no update for 39 days... is there gonna be any update anytime soon?

i have a question: when there is gonna be new update?

yes that was nuke ending and it was a bit harder than the old one i needed to kill 70 slashers to get there and i even test it 2 times after killing 70 slashers it open.

i finally got the new ending it was hard to get but it was amazing i hope there will be more endings like that.

yes i got the new ending it was pretty hard but i got it, i  needed to try two times to get it and i think i found a easter egg too it was a TV sitting on the ground and screaming at me.

oh thats cool and i have one more question: is there gonna be more endings in the future?

i have a qestion: is there onlly 1 new ending in this update or theres more?

i can t wait to see the new ending im so excited :)

a new ending would be very cool too

a christmas update? that would be amazing

i want to see more updates in that game it s realy cool :)

RIP Stephan Hillenburg     [']  [']  [']

wow this looks amazing i can t wait to play this new DLC