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I am aware of her not being the only one i was using her as an example and im gonna be real with you chief i would probably do the same XD. also using a feather in the dungeon ever thought of it?

i keep forgetting to ask this why cant rinny for example fallow you outside of her respective area is there a reason or just never thought about it (dungeon not included)

I understand that what I meant was if the version we get on itch remain free

So you mentioned you plan to get on steam and it has me curious will this game always remain free or will you require we pay for it in the future i ask because not many games this high quality are free and i would hate to be unable to see the final product 

That would be cool not something i could afford though i just hope if they do something like that the main game can remain free its really good and id hate to be unable to play it due to lack of money

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so i was just thinking and what about the option to upon finishing Cassies route to be able to walk her around the city on a leash as a "date" like option (clothing optional) i dont know where the idea came from but thought well i got nothing to lose if i mention it

been fallowing this game for awhile and only now got my first ever error some file couldnt be loaded after removing the meat parasite and trying to go out tied up with fawn