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Goiaba Megas Xellox

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blood bosses were made with cheatcodes in mind. use guns, soul spear, nell and other crazy shit

rthe evilest game eva

Yooooooo, thanks for that. The next version will have that fixed.

I'm happy you already like one of the characters! Since we only have 3 so far...

And yeah, this "I am old and I give no shits" atitude is all over him. I'm glad you noticed!

holy shit i love this game!!

gostei muito da arte e musica, tem uma vibe daora

tem potencial

I love getting lost while listening to sick tunes on RPGMaker

Good game

really cool game

isso me fez rir, obrigado

...its an rpgmaker game

thank you

you CAN beat him, but theres no reason to

when golias transforms into his real final form, he does Ultimate Omega Punch...twice...lmao. the best way to not have wasted your time when you get to this point is by having multiple characters that can revive (aka keila)

if i still remember, by beating him, you get an item that gives you 100 points in every stat qhen equipped + a cheat code to get it? i dunno man its been like 2 years or something

but yea it IS possible and I SAW it happen 3 times in my life
no i dont recommend lmao

its not a joke

this is really good

I feel like i can play this game for hours

try unzipping the folder

I am unable to jump.

sorry i have never seen this problem before

thats a limitation of RPG Maker VX Aceand i dont know how to work around it lol, but would be awesome to have 999 trash cans in your inventory ngl

thanks bro

that was a bug and im sorry about that!

its already fixed and on version 1.0 that won't be a thing anymore

Yes, that's a bug because one of the new songs from the last update (0.9.9) is missing.

The only solution for now is to put any other MP3 song , rename it as "THE END", and insert it in the folder shown in this error message box.

This will be fixed in the 1.0 update and I'm really sorry that you had to endure this.

Spoiler warning, I guess lol

But yes, there is a way to save him.

Thank you so much...

And I love you <3

Thank you so much for playing my game! and I agree, some parts of it are deliberately unfun lol.

You can report bugs in my Twittter @megasxellox (my DMs are always open) or by joining our discord server!