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Here is my video for it. Really enjoyed this one. So well done. 

Here is my First Look video. What a game.

After a few plays, the game crashed once after i died and the cursor wouldn't move at all after one game.

ok, cool 

I'll have to try that.

In today's video I take a stroll through the ART7 Gallery. In ART7 you will find plenty of artwork to look at, especially from the Playdate Community. And you will also encounter a few surprises like i did making this video.

when it happens, there is just one answer and it is already selected. and it continues on to the next question.


Take that back. I did just have it happen again. Sorry

An update. I went ahead and deleted the game and re-downloaded and loaded the game and played one round of single player with no problems. I'll let you know if the problem pops up again. Hopefully, it is all fine now.

It looks like when the question pops up, the first answer is automatically selected.

I keep getting questions with only 1 answer and then it credits me with the wrong answer. Has happened several times during single player.

Here is my video of a first look. What a fun game!

Crashes whenever i start it.

My review of Cat World.

I was able to enter my initials and get to the second level without any crashes. Thanks!

Crashes when trying to enter initials at the very beginning. I was finally able to get in and play the first level. The game crashed as soon as I beat the level.

What a great game!

Here is my review...


Crashes every time at the end of the first level.

Here is my review of Bender. What a fun game!

Absolutely loving this game. Here is my review.

I have run into a situation a few times where i am holding a button down, and it doesn't seem to matter which one, and without me letting go, the bar will break one or two time and wipe out my game.

Wow, this is one of the best Playdate games I have played. So well done and such a clever idea. Just made a video on in. It will be coming out next week.

Just finished the game. Lots of fun.  I think i found a scoring glitch. Sometimes my games starts with a score, sometimes it is at zero. I just played it a few time in a row. My score started at 14,000+ points on my final play through. Then i went back to the menu and started the game again and the score was back to zero. Looks like the score keeps adding up between play sessions if you don't quit out.

I was playing normal this time. Could have sworn I was playing normal the first time when I saw the large invaders. But I guess not. Either way, thanks for a great game. One of the best on Playdate!

While playing the new 1.3 version, even though i got further than ever, i never saw the bigger Invaders like in the original version. Were those removed? Or do you need to hit a certain condition to see them? Thanks!

Here is a review i did for Onebit Invaders. What a great game.

This looks really good

Brilliant game! I gave it some glowing remarks in my video on youtube.

Love this game. Thanks for the update!

Looking forward to this a lot!

I am using my Playdate, not the simulator.

Same here. Tried downloading in Mac and then my Android phone. Same message.