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Thank you!! :) 

Yes, we tried to tweak the physics as well as we could, but we eventually had to prioritize other elements, I think the scope was a bit too large for a Jam, at least for us! When we chose GMS2, I had forgotten how clunky it actually is to work with, especially when you're used to unity... Next jam will definetily be in unity! 

Thank you very much!:) 

Thanks for your feedback!:) 

I don't think an AI would work as a fun experience for this type of sandbox death match, but we are aware that most people will not be able to try the game with another person, which is a shame, but we are planning on making it playable against opponents online :) 

Regarding the arrow selection, you should be able to select a new arrow by pressing S or DOWN when the arrow-selection box is spinning over your head! 

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Thanks for the feedback!! :)
Yes, we had planned for more arrow-types to be implemented, which would give a larger variety to the game.
Might have spent too much time focusing on the wrong details, but if you don't mind, try again in a week when we can change the submission and deliver the experience we imagined!

10/5 i cried at the end