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This game is getting really good, please sell it on steam soon.

Finally got around to playing, can feel it chugging a bit on my comp at 24-48 FPS.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz


Geforece 970

Windows 7 64bit

1920x1080, Very High, Motion Blur On

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Hi, nice game.

Some feedback


I would pay $15-20 if you release this right now on Steam as it is. Possibly up to $35 in the future depending on features.

Features Request:

I would like to see a replay viewing feature like in Ace Combat, where you could watch yourself flying the previous game, I watch replay a lot in Ace Combat and was sad to see that game took the feature out

Maybe even a feature where the player doesn't even fly, and could just sit and watch a bunch of AI planes fight from various camera angles, maybe have this view play in the menu background.

Also the loadout screen should display the number of shots each weapon has.