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There's an error everytime Hohman says anything. It seems his text format html tags are not right (I think the one that opens {size} is missing). Also the pronouns are often wrong, so most of the time we have to use common sense to try to decipher what the characters mean, but I think you are aware of all that. Anyway, the plot and the characters are something else. This is a true jewel! it blows my mind everytime a new route opens after I change my former choices.

Yeah! I could deduct that by the scene of the guy bleeding with a (firearm?) wound at the start, and the text that says something about saving them all. The characters are really beautiful. I'm already in love with all of them. I started by asking help to Ai, then tried not to visit Taber in day 2, and ended with the route where you don't give your body to Ai (Boehners route I think), until you get the interference "key", and everything changes, like playing 3 different stories. When everything restarted but was different I got really confused and excited. Thank you for this awesome masterpiece! 馃槈

Really, this VN is a continuos, unlubed mindfuck. It keeps you on edge every second. I think I'm going to develop schizophrenia before I get the good ending 馃槄

*****  S P O I L E R   A L E R T *****

I just realized if you chose not to visit Taber on that first weekend, you meet Ryan instead of Emerson and you play as Ryan instead of Weiss. And everything AI says about Ryan is true. That's freaking crazy! 馃く馃く馃く

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This VN is really awesome! It's so intense and complex. The characters are so beautiful and alive, and at the same time it is so dark! I am anxiously waiting to see what happens later on. I still can't beat that feeling of futility and despair when the guys you like just can't keep on and others take over. It's kinda depressing, but the fact there's a good ending gives me hope.

You are redoing the whole thing with top quality art. Great works take time. We can wait.

Awesome work, even it was so difficult to read those blurred letters at the end of the last updtate 馃ズ

Really? Maybe because it's expected. I was expecting that at least. It would be great he added it at the end credits for his next updates, unless it goes against the note of the ending of the chapter. Like when the chapters have a sad or scary ending.

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Holy shit dude! What a ride! I loved every chapter so far, but I think this one was the best EVER!


Hard to miss Ranok told Caelan after the meeting: "When we get back, I'll look into this. I promise." instead of "When I get back...". How could Caelan not take the hint? xD

Caelan: "Guilty as charged".

Me: *chokes on ale*

Ranok: "In what mad world would that even be a probable thing?"

Adastra: "Guilty as charged".

I loved they're finally talking like adults. I was hoping Ranok pushed the topic of the language "gift", but no doubt that's coming soon. And I'm sure we're going to see that kitty again. I hope he's just clever and curious and not plain evil xD.

I really loved Sloan! How can you create so many lovable characters?

BTW, Charlie Mops' song should be the ending/credits' song for every update from now on! 馃槅

Just do your thing buddy. Your health and stability come first. Great works take time. Sorry for the setbacks, the health issues, and the loss of data. That really sucks. I'm really happy to know even hardships like that don't discourage you from keeping going with this project! Best wishes and take your time ;-)

Your characters are perfect just as they are. I love the designs.

Hey buddy, how are you doing?

Well, it still downloads a rar file. The characters are charming BTW!

Yeah, I've seen any kind of horror and thriller movies (my favorites), old and new, and some of those made me think for one night or two, but the first chapter of The Smoke Room gave me nightmares for a couple weeks. I first read it after midnight and absolutely wasn't prepared for what it had coming! I started reading it's first build, and took it slowly after that first shock. I've had to restart it a couple of times. I like to re read everything to refresh my memory, but though I've been updating it for months, need to build the courage to read that first chapter again.

It was monkey pox :V

So, we can make tigers now? Awesome!

Hi! There's some data left after uninstalling build 8.5, so it won't let android users to install build 9 until we get rid of that data. I've tried apps like SD Maid, but it can't erase the relevant data. I'd try reinstalling build 8.5, deleting the data to uninstall it again and finally try installing build 9, but I don't have the installer for build 8.5 anymore. Please, could you upload build 8.5 so we can try installing-uninstalling it properly?

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I'm having this problem too. Already uninstalled the old build, but it seems it left some data behind. I think uploading build 8 to let us try and reinstall it so we can properly uninstall it again might work. If the app is already uninstalled we can't clear all data or uninstall it for all users anymore, so the leftover data will keep preventing us from installing the new build.

I'm having this same problem. I already uninstalled the app, but it says there's some signature conflict. If the older build was available I could try reinstalling it and deleting all data before uninstalling it for all users, but it's nowhere to download anymore.

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I already uninstalled the previous version (Android), but keep getting this error. I can't uninstall the older version again, it's nowhere to be found and I deleted the installer some time ago. Please, upload build 8 somewhere so I can reinstall and unistall it again properly, for this phone to let me install the new update.

You're right. He was tired.


Really, Caelan is so slow. I saw that coming after the talk between Ranok and his old friends, and Ranok's unwillinnes to talk abut whatever was troubling him. The MC is supposedly the sign Ranok was asking Aluna for, I still don't get why he's not using that to make him reconsider. Anyway, I'm wondering what will happen to put those in track again.

Come on! Please edit and add a spoiler alert! I'm glad i read it before coming to read the comments. Anyway, that won't happen. Whatever the MC is doing in that world it's attached to Ranok's fate, so I assume he will be forced to take him back to the village eventually. Remember Caelan is in the village because of Aluna.

YES!! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

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I know that place man! I've been there for way too much time. I know how the views of the people around you can nullify you and limit your world and possibilities. You need to move on. Meet other people, make new friends, expand your perspectives. If someone "loves" an ideal of you that is not you, but they hate what you really are then they just don't love you. People that love you will love you after knowing everything about you. If their "love" depends on a facade you show to please them then they don't worth your time or sacrifice. Be yourself, no matter what, and discard people that won't accept who you really are, those people never loved you, they only loved a lie that is not you, a mask they forced you to wear.

Hay otras dos novelas relacionadas. Una es Interea que narra cosas que sucedieron mientras el personaje principal estuvo en Adastra, y la otra es Khemia, que narra lo que sigue en Adastra (y Khemia) despu茅s de que el protagonista vuelve a la Tierra

Wow buddy, I was SO wating for this! I'm so excited right now! I've been missing those boys a lot!

Happy new year! I'm glad things are moving in your life. Changes give place for new and exciting things to come. I hope all your wishes come true this year!

Holy shit dude! That was intense! BTW, Vince is so adorable! Frank is really nice too 馃榿

Hey buddy, where are you? Please say something. The game doesn't matter anymore, just let us know you're fine.

Sorry for all you've been through. It's great to know you're doing better. I'm so happy these boys will be back soon!

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You need to download the version for your device. For Mac I know you need to unzip the file and put it in your Applications folder. But you might have to mess with System Preferences > Security and Privacy > click on the lock > unlock it and > check the "Anywhere" option. For android you just need to install the APK file. For Windows and Linux I have no idea, maybe run the installation pack?

Hope you get well soon! Your work is really awesome, but you know that ;-)

Oh man, I'm so excited! I love APTCH!

It's wonderfull how much insight you got from your harsh times. Thank you for this! It's a common issue for writters to crumble under the weight of so many expectations. Most of them have to face harsh life circumstances and events. And fans' pressure doesn't help. Artists need to just let the world spin and try to enjoy themselves while doing what they love the most. No use in stress themselves over deadlines and expectations. Great works take time, and deadlines should not define the flow and rythm of their creative process. You are the artist, it's your work and your creation, for you to shape and manifest, at your own rythm. Not everyone will love it, but that shouldn't matter. What matters is it's yours, your legacy to this world. It doesn't need to be perfect or even logic, it just needs to be a genuine window to your own inner world.

Man, I've been too busy to read VNs the last five months, but now I had the time to catch up on the last update.  It's f king awesome! I wish I had a Peregrine where to flee to, and a Wes to play tug of war with our feelings and expectations :V

I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy buddy, your health comes first. Hugs!

Hey, how are you doing buddy?

Give it 3 or 4 months without watching fanart and stuffs like that.