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Things seem to have improved some, but on an iPad Pro, I’m still having a LOT of trouble. The biggest problem is that input seems to be broken. Arrow keys don’t work. WASD would work, but when I press one of the keys, it repeats the input indefinitely.

On top of that, because you have no zoom menu options on mobile, you can’t zoom out, which despite the incredibly high resolution on iPads, you can’t utilize it to see your tools. In fact, you can’t even see the game window in its entirety. It seems like you could test for an iPad and then zoom out?

The third big issue I’ve come across is that I can’t save because the buttons seem JavaScript driven. It’d be helpful to have a link to downloading data so it pops up the default option to save. I haven’t found another way to save yet.

So this still seems unusable on an iPad, which is unfortunate because I’m trying to teach my kids how to make a Bitsy game and the iPad is otherwise a good tool for it.