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god of cakes

A member registered Jan 08, 2019

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It's so nice that the creators so responsive in the comments! There are quite a few games that suddenly go radio silent without providing any information on their sudden absence; it is great to see how engaged KaimakiGames is with the community.  Can't wait for this to come out when it is ready!

This game is amazing so far! I love Lucas so much, ngl. The voice acting is really well done, some of the best I've seen in english VNs! The different accents add so much to the story and characters, thanks for your hard work, can't wait until the full thing comes out. 

Thank you so much for your hard work during the last couple of years to bring us this game; it is the motivation I need to finish my midterms and finals! 

Hello! I just finished playing the demo multiple times over the last two hours and I must say, I really love the game so far and cannot wait to snap up the full thing and the dlc when released. Thanks for your hard work!

Thank you

Replayed the game again, it still holds up. I would pay full price for this due to quality alone. If you look how much full well done visual novels cost, it is not an unfair price, as they are hard to make even more so when done by a small team. 

Hello! I'm really loving this game so far, definetly going to buy it when all of it comes out :D. I noticed one minor thing though; in some cg's, Omen has claws while in the one from the third chapter and his sprite do not.  Other then that, I haven't noticed any errors. The CG's are all beutifull and the backrounds are fantastic! Thank you so much for this awesome game

Just finished 2 hours of the demo, and I must say, it was fantastic. The first thing that caught my eye was the UI! It is unique and styalisticaly brilliant. The art, writing, and the general atmosphere /asthetic kept me hooked the whole time. 

I really liked the world building aspect and the article mini game. I wonder if Mr Pathfinder himself will get a route or if he has one allready? Haha so many questions; I can't wait until this comes out.

Thank you for the hard work!

I'm really enjoying this so far! As another user has said, due to the weekly events raising stats doesn't feel tedius and is actualy fun. I can't wait to see how the romance aspect/s turn out, thank you for the hard work!