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Goblins Don't Wear Shirts

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Have done so, they sent me the files after a back and forth! Looking forward to reading :0

Iglootree don’t habd out pdfs, never got one from them for anything I’ve bought :(

Ordered! Will I be able to get a pdf copy with proof of purchase?

Does The Sow have any stats?

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Takes 20 seconds to load per side on my phone, why's this such a big file for two sides of paper?

(looks awesome by the way, very easy to see myself running this as a one-shot!)

Is there anywhere to buy physical copies in the UK?

I bought a physical copy from Peregrine Coast Press, any chance of a pdf copy if I provide proof of purchase?

Have done, thanks very much!

Hi, I bought a physical copy from Leisure Games here in the UK, any chance of a pdf copy so I can print the maps out at home if I provide proof of purchase?

Entitled much? 

Any idea where I can buy a physical copy in the UK?

Any kind of physical copies available? Four panel pamphlets would be hard to print at home

The description mentions a dexterity system for play, how does it work?

My pleasure!

Thank you so much, you've really put a smile on my face :)

Well spotted! I've updated the file now :)

Lovely art, especially the hands :)

Stand easy, citizen. I'm just here to talk ttrpgs

Since those halcyon days back in the 40s when I first discovered fishknife, I dedicated my life to tabletop games. Waking up from cryosleep 100 years later, I'm utterly delighted to see that fishknife is still going strong. Fish well, ye poisson privateers!

Utterly delightful!

A wonderful, thematic way to generate a setting, bravo!

I don't know what I was expecting, but this is literally a playable RPG with a starter adventure I can get behind. Great stuff! Love the name btw ;)

The amount of pure copium in this product is amazing to behold, before you get to the plain text adventures with stock photos or mspaint art, you're met with a multi-page essay on why things back in the day were great and how today's adventures are awful because of... pronouns and... art by paid illustrators and... professional layout software, and *if only we could go back to MY childhood when things were actually PLAYABLE*, conveniently forgetting even the three little brown books were better presented and more professionally illustrated than this stuff.

I'd rather stick with artpunk games to be honest, at least those creators make things based on what they love, rather than getting their friends together to collectively despise something and tell you their way is the one true way... to pretend to be elves and dwarves around a kitchen table.

Ps. It's always hilarious to see people claim their games are free of politics, when what they mean is "free of things I deem to be political or disagreeable", the head-in-sand energy is strong here.

A clever and simple idea, love it!

Phenomenal dungeon, great layout, wonderful art, a home run on all fronts!

Magic, thank you!

Can we please get a version with individual pages for home printing? <3

Great adventure, best I’ve seen. Its nice to see a4 as an option too!
What would you do about players wanting to drop onto the roof rather than coming up from the lower floors?

marvellous, that’s perfect thanks!

sorry, I’m looking for the PNG. I printed all the other pages from the pngs and since this front page isnt available as a png and only in the pdf the dimensions are off slightly

Hi can we get a Haunted Manor full sheet FRONT the same dimensions as the back? the PDF contains them yes but the scale is different so I cant shuffle them in

I think a new bug has appeared, if you trade for item 1 in a shop, item 2 will become a copy of item 1. Eg. merchant has sword and salve, I trade for the sword, the salve then becomes another sword.

Bug: If you start a trade then search a room before completing, you get softlocked

Lol, sorry, hope it's not annoying.
In other news: I managed to clone myself!
Evade a nephalix monkey and get attacked whilst doing so, if you fail the save you can get kicked out of the room and also leave it legally at the same time. I wound up with two characters, one in the northern room and one in the southern. I died right after so didn't get to find out what funky effects it causes.

Oh, found an odd glitch: After dying in a room with multiple enemies* and picking a new character (but before spawning) you can target and kill enemies that were in the room you died in with your fists, and they can't hit back. There' doesn't seem to be a limit to the enemies you can kill this way, so you can rack up points then spawn with them and spend it all. Just gained 80 points this way after dying to multiple Dusk Troulls.

I think multiple enemies are required, as you need to be able to hit the target button to attack more than once this way, otherwise you get one swing then it just repeats "you attack with your fists"

Thanks for adding that feature, but there's a few issues with the crossbow still: Whether you hit or miss, the enemy moves to you and attacks (should only be able to move to you on that round). And you're able to target and attack an enemy through walls that don't have openings, and they can move to you through them.

Not sure if its my browser or something, but every entrance has no exits and my character has no items in their inventory. It's not loading properly?

Could we get white text for the locations on the map? The black-on-dark-blue is really hard to read

Odd question: can I get a look at some of the playtest versions of the game? I've read the design notes and would love to see the game in its early stages and see how it changed and why! I do wanna sink my teeth into this neat little gem.

Loving this game. LOVING IT. Came to a hair's breadth from the lair but dead end! Then I got hounded by inquisitors to death. My first character died in round 1 of combat 1 in room 1 tho so I'm gonna say I only had 4 proper characters lol.
I do wanna know if multiple pets stack damage? Like two dogs or dog and monkey etc?