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I really enjoyed this game. Great Job! Looking forward to what you make next!

I actually enjoyed this. I jumped several times and was very spooked at certain moments. great job!

This was short but I enjoyed it. Keep it coming!
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I got charged 5 times for this. can you send me an email so we can resolve this. I can provide transaction proof. 

Pretty good game. Welcome to McDongs!

Thanks for the Original copy! Loved it! Anyone on channel knows that I Hate/Love Chase scenes and this one got me lol. Great Job!

Wow, this was really good and scary. Look forward to seeing your future games!

This one was amazing and scary! I had a blast playing this part. Great Job! 

lol most of my videos are me being goofy and such so it fit perfectly lol. Enjoy your games alot and can’t wait for another game by y’all!

I really enjoyed this game. I plan on playing part 2 this week sometime. I meant to upload this last night but ate 2 much candy and passed out lol. Great Game!

cool. Looking forward to it!

Welp, another one I had fun with lol. Great Game!

I enjoyed this game. Maybe, if you make a Part 3, add a chase sequence. That would be amazingly scary!!

I Love your games!! Best around! 

I've been waiting for this and apparently Mr. Hopp's has been waiting for me. I wasn't expecting alot of jumpscares in the demo but I was FOOLED! Great Game, can't wait for the Full Release!

I have enjoyed all your games so far and this was no exception. Loved it, gonna catch up on all Killer Poop Parts! Funny and terrifying!

I enjoyed this game. Maybe I acted a little immature at times but it is what it is lol. Great Game!

Well, I was enjoying my music and cleaning up without bothering anyone til he showed up! 

This was a really good game. I did download before the update so I didn't have the save feature but it was ok, I just got scared double the times lol. Here is a video if you wanna check it out!

This was very short and I wasn't expecting how it ended. Here is a video lol

Thank You for checking out my video! Glad you enjoyed it!

This is the Asylum level, hope you enjoy it. Can't wait til the Full release!

Loved the humor in this game, I added some myself lol. The game was pretty good, besides the invisible wall issue. Hope you enjoy the video and have a few laughs as well. Keep up the good work!

Oh man I loved this game. Short and scary! You got me on this one! Check out the video, I added in some humor. Great Game!
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Sure! I would be honored if you used it. Thank You!

I love your games. Had fun with this as I do with all of them! Great Job!! 

This was a decent game. I ran into a few bugs but overall it was good. This video is the Full Game (which can buy on Steam for $5.99) 

Short and freaky. Look forward to more from you!

Wow, I played the Backrooms Level and had alot of fun! Gonna play Asylum tomorrow. Can't wait for Full Release! Already Wishlisted it!

Had alot of fun with this one. If you like silly horror gameplays, check out my videos! Keep up the great work!

OMG, this was really good. I hope one day you expand on this cause it would be pretty awesome! 

I really enjoyed this. I would love to see updates and a longer game. Great job! 

The ending got me.  

I loved this game. A little bit of humor, little bit of horror. I kinda added a little more humor myself. Great Game!

Great game! Would love to see a chase scene added though. Keep up the great work!

I really enjoyed this game a lot and can’t wait for the next chapter! That chase scene got me lol. Keep up the great work!!

I had some fun with this. 

I really loved this game. Keep up the good work!

Your game is broken. There isn't anything to do. I walked around for 45 min and nothing ever happened. I don't know if I am missing something but its not worth money.

I enjoyed this. It was short and scary. Can’t wait to see more.