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This game was amazing! The graphics were so realistic. Can't wait for Episode 2. Grtea Job! I Live Streamed this so go check it out. Max Settings!

I really enjoyed this alot. Great game as usual 616 games! Full Playthrough on my channel in 4K!

this game was really fun to play, maybe I enjoyed being probed, idk. Good job!

This was an amazing game!! 

This update was AWESOME!! Already gave a positive review on Steam. Keep up the great work!

This was an amazing experience! Truly terrifying and so realistic!! I hesitated playing this all the way through cause I was SCARED! I did finish it. GREAT JOB! Here’s my video!

I really enjoyed this one. I will reconsider trying to steal Mcdonalds real recipe in real life now lol. 

I actually enjoyed this game. Wish it were longer though. Check out my video, beware, there is ghost involved haha

I thought this was good, a bit dark but that’s what makes it really creepy, oh, and that MAN-Kid (gotta Watch the video to understand) 

ok thank you

Says file in corrupted after downloading. I tried downloading 4 times and it says the same thing.

At first I was like, ain’t no one gonna hurt me, I’m cool. I was dead wrong! Great game as usual! 

I actually enjoyed this game a lot. I felt that every moment something was gonna come after me. Great job! 

This game exceeded my expectations! I loved every part of this game. I would love to see more added in the future. Check out my video!

This was pretty good. I kinda made a few mistakes and the world was devoured by this fish lol. Check out the video!

This was really fun and scary! Keep it up! Check out the video!

This took me by surprise lol. Def a good short horror game. I enjoyed it. Check out the video!

I live streamed this and it was amazingly good (this link is the edited version) Great Game as always 616! Check out the video and enjoy 

Dude this was EPIC! The graphics are amazing, voice acting is great! Time to Dye the Bunny ELLIE! 

Another great game. I was jumpscated at a really odd time and it was funny. The lighting seeems a little dark but overall it was good. Can’t wait for Taps 3!

This was short but really good. The creepy atmosphere, the spooky sounds. Great job! If I get 20 Likes on this video I’ll record Tape 2!

This was really good. The creepy sounds, the mysterious creature, the house. I loved this game and felt like it had everything a good horror games needed. Great job! Check out the video for a creepy, spooky game!

Thank You! And yeah I’m gonna wait for new episodes! 

Pretty good game. Wish the first episode had more going for it, more scariness. Inside the house got me real good though. 
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This was really good. I wasn't expecting much but I was wrong. I had a good laugh and a good cry. Great Game!

Been sick but finally checked out the game. Got the other 8 games to play soon! 

The best one yet! Keep it up!

Why was this so fun yet so disturbing lol. Great game!

This game overall was amazing! Great Job! Can't wait to see what else you develop.

The crazy lady literally got me while trying to turn off the stove! Great game, great job!

You achieved it! 

Wow, this was really good. The tension and fear kept building and building. I was expecting something at any moment and when I let my guard down it smacked me in my face! Well done!

I want more! Can’t wait for Part 2. Already wishlisted it on Steam!

This was disturbing lol. Interesting concept. Garfield isn't who I thought he was. Keep up the great work!

Me and Ginger was frightened during this whole game. Pretty good game though.