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The Goblin Cruncher

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Awesome game. It looks like a mechanic I've never seen.

Thank you for commenting. We will work on the saves system to prevent this type of situations, and we are actually working on the grappling hook and the level deign on the level you unlock it to make it easer to find the tutorial and the overall use of the mechanic. Thanks for the support and feedback.

Thank you so much for this very detailed feedback, we really appreciate it!!

We will have a look at the combat system and try to make it a bit diverse, not jsut right-cliking^^

Also we think that putting some particle effect on to the grappling sign could work very well, thank you for the idea!

And finally we are sorry the boss didn't spawn, other users reported the same bug and we will try to solve it as soon as possible, and the chest of gold will eventualy contain something valuable.

Thanks for your time and feedback again^^

We are very happy to hear that you liked it!! We will focus on polishing the hook and also on fixing the many things you're reporting. Thanks for the support!!

We really appreciate your support!! Thanks^^

Thank you so much again!! We will check it out right now!

We love to hear that!! We will fix the dialogue as soon as possible, thanks for the feedback^^

Glad you like it!

Thank you so much for the feedback!! We've just watched the video and will take in account all your suggestions^^ We will work hard to improve the experience!