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Derkus, Goblin Game Tinkerer

A member registered Nov 10, 2021

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hi, i'm new to using RPG Maker MZ, I noticed you have sample maps included in your exterior tileset, how do I use them?

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Bought it and done. Can't wait to see what you do next! Keep up the great work!

Thank you, this price is an absolute steal.

Absolutely incredible, wow!

Incredible work. can't wait to get these in my game.

Wow wicked artwork! I took a look at idle mobs just to see the art. Such good value for money. If I were making a game which uses art like this I'd be all over it.

Great work!

This is awesome, looks incredible in my game. Crediting for sure, keep up the good work.

Wow super impressive work!

Incredible work! I'm very very likely to use this. I'll be sure to credit.

Great stuff, a really great ground texture and the trees look fantastic.

Hi, looks like the lowest stair in the grass covered stairs doesn't exist so it doesn't line up with the terrain unlike the dirt stairs. You might want to fix that because I'm going to have to do it myself now.

Hi, the reference images on this page are super handy, it would be great if you could include them in the packs.

Incredible work! I'll be sure to credit and let you know if I ever finish something.

No worries, still really good value in any case. Thanks for the quick response.

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Very intriguing. Is it possible to add custom facial features, hairs, and or accessories?

I could always edit the final product but adding to it would be great because it would increase the possibilities for random generation.

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Hi, great product thanks muchly. So unity is free to use right? Could I export animations made in unity to use in other software?

Perhaps you would be able to take animation requests? I'm looking to make a ledge grab and pull up animation, a crouched walk and a leap animation where the legs scissor out rather than being tucked together for more of a horizontal leap. Would definitely be better to customize the animations myself because I'm sure I'll think of a bunch of other stuff I need.