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Salut, oui je suis français, ce sera sûrement plus simple en effet.

Non je ne sais malheureusement pas encoder des jeux, même si je suis intéressé par les jeux renpy.

Hi, i'm testing your game and i have no idea how to play it hehe.... is there a text somewhere to help ? Thank you :)

Alright thank you for your answer i get it now. I also thought that it was a space constraint that forced you to not explain more.

I like your project, if you want a French translation don't hesitate to ask and give me an email address to send you the translation.

Thank you :)

Hi ! Thanks for your generator it's really nice. I have a question for the "extra detail" of each room. Could you explain how to determine which value to take (highest/lowest) is it me that choose if for example i have 2 die 3 and 2 die 5 ?

Thank you :)

Ok i sent you the mail !

Ok the translation and typos check are done, if you give me an email address i'll send you the file :)

At the end of Spring there's a "raistorm", i suppose it's "rainstorm", right ?

Ok, let me work on it :)

Hey VERY nice idea ! I'll use it for my warhammer's campaign :D.

Thank you for developing it, if you want a french translation (for free of course) feel free to ask.

Hi, your tool seems really cool ! Any chance for a linux version ?

Je n'en suis qu'à la page 44 du pdf, mais en effet je ne comprenais plus. D'après ce que j'ai compris du récit, au début il est mentionné que les notes étaient trouvées parmi les affaires de votre père (il me semble) et j'ai donc assimilé qu'elles lui appartenaient. Mais plus j'avance dans la lecture moins je comprends car les souvenirs sont ceux d'un adulte aujourd'hui ayant retrouvé les notes qu'il avait écrit plus jeune. Merci d'avoir précisé, c'est plus clair :).

C'est assez drôle car je suis TRES proche de beaucoup de vos remarques, sur la bibliohèque municipale en particulier, mais pas que.

Est ce qu'il y aura une publication par la suite du texte complet que vous avez récupéré, ou qui sait avez vous pour projet d'écrire les morceaux manquant afin d'en faire un LDVELH à part entière ?

Merci pour ce texte, je ne fais que commencer mais cela semble très intéressant !

I just played it and i find it very cool ! The design, the system in general and the ambiance, everything is perfect !

Alas i couldn't solve any of the puzzles, maybe i missed something, i don't know.

Thank you for this game ! If you are interested for a french translation, contact me :)

For what i see there's a limit of 48 in width and height, could you change it to allow the user to create only one sprite that take the full space ?

I love it even if i really don't know what to do with it :).

I didn't try the game but i just checked quickly the pdf and the illustrations are really beautiful ! It motivates me to try the game ! Thanks a lot for your work :D

Hey don't worry, it was a very small trouble. I just wrote the comment for you to be able to fix it for others. No sweat :).

The game is nice, i like the concept and the ambiance. I didn't play it until the end because i didn't have enough time. But i hope to give it another chance soon. thank you! :D

Hi, you forgot to add the pck file into the linux version, so to play it i had to download the windows and the linux compressed file. Thank you for the game :)

Alright now i understand, thank you. I gave it a try but of course it's a harsh puzzle ! :D

Hi, your sudoku seems nice !

But there's something i don't understand, on the numbers on the outside. How can there be any zeros ? If i understood well for ex the second line (that has a zero on the outside) cannot have any number above zero (because the sum of this line needs to be equal to zero).

So i don't understand this because the only numbers inside a sudoku are from 1 to 9... there's no zero and so no possibility that the sum of different numbers equal zero.

I hope that you understand what i try to explain :)

Ok je viens de comprendre, je n'avais pas été jusqu'au bout du pdf de règles, vous y avez incorporé les tuiles qui se trouvent (en version anglaise) dans un pdf à part. J'ai donc pensé que le fichier "Blank maze tiles for Labyrinthine (B&W)" correspondait au fichier de tuiles en entier. Ne tenez pas compte de ma remarque précédente. Merci

Bonjour, merci pour cette traduction. Je pense qu'il y a un problème avec le pdf des tuiles, ayant déjà la version anglaise j'ai comparé les deux :).

Oh nice! I even didn't know it exist, thank you for making me discovering it :)

Hi, i think your game is chinese chess no ?

Ok no pb i'll setup my keyboard in linux to qwerty to play the game. Thank you

Thank you for the quick answer, pressing f worked and now the resolution is fine. :)

Hi, your game seems interesting but i'm french and my keyboard isn't an qwerty, is there a way to remap the controls ?

Thank you

Hi, i just downloaded your game and it seems nice ! But i have a small problem, i'm playing it on linux and i can't resize the window (my screen resolution is 1680*1050).

I can't see the bottom of the screen.... the time resting is in it. Is there an option to change the resolution or to play it in full screen/window mode ?

Thank you :)

Ok, no stress, i just wanted to be sure you saw my mail. Take your time :)

Hi, i sent you an email some days ago, did you get it ?

I didn't pay for your game but i have a bit time to translate it in french if you want...

The fifth run was the good one, i finally escaped !

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Hey nice game ! I just tried and died not far from the escape pod ! But i liked the concept, the stress and the speed of it, thank you :)

After a third run i reached the Pod but i died in it.. i'll keep trying!

Anyway i think you forgot the destruction table that you mention at the end.