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I'm looking forward to it!! It will be a delight to see the development of the characters and the evolution of their relationships :)

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Wow, I just played trough all of the routes avalaible, and I'm impressed! I loved the game. I was a bit taken aback when I saw it was text-based (I thought it was a visual novel, seeing the illustrations of the characters xp I should have looked better at the screenshots!) but I gave it a go and my, I'm not dissapointed!

The writing and plot are on point, the characters natural and likable and our protagonist is well-written too (her actions and thoughts make sense, and she is not one of these insuferrable brat that protag sometimes are). The customisation of the protag traits is a good idea too. I can be the Crown how I want them to be thanks to that. The story got me hooked too (I came for the romance, stayed for the plot and the story-telling!) (and the romance too, aha), I've got so many questions as to what's going to happen next! (Who's really her father aaah)

I loved the characters, especially Xelef and Dara. Their interactions with the protag are really enjoyable! I'm so hyped up to see how their relationships will evolve. I just have a question: seeing as there is already some art of the characters, do you plan on including some illustrations of them during the story?

I really thank you for making this game and making it free. However, should you put it for a price later, I would gladly pay for it! It's honestly worth it.

Thanks again a lot for your hard work!

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Will Tailor Tales + be available on later, like a separate paid game? If so, how much would it be?

Hello! I love this game, the art and GUI are very well done and the plot kept me invested in the game. I have but one question: do you know how many chapters long will the story be? (Also, will the full game still be free? (if not, I've got no problems with that, I can already see the work behind it and would gladly pay for it if it should come so))

Anyway, thanks a lot for your hard work! I'm looking forward to the next chapter :)

Thanks a lot for your answer! It will def help with the quarantine aha x')

Hello! I've been wondering if you knew when will  Caine's route be released. I love the game and really look forward playing his route! So if anyone knows a date, please tell me ^^

Do you have an idea of the price of the full game, when it will be released?

The demo is really great! I already love Cassius <3 I just have a question: will the full game be free ?