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A member registered Sep 02, 2016

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Wow, you guys! The performance and other improvements are fantastic. On the previous version I had to run at lowest quality and low resolution to get a steady 60fps. This one gets steady 60fps on high quality and my monitor's highest resolution. The collision is much better and I like all the added details. Thank you so much. I love this beautiful game. It might be the best flying game I've ever played. Got me to give itch.io my credit card number for the first time, cause you deserve it.

Having played a little more, this game reminds me a lot of Grow Home, which is one of the highest compliments I can give to a game. I adore the simple, untextured polygon look, but it sometimes makes it pretty difficult to judge the scale of the landscape when you start getting close up and trying to pull off tight maneuvers. I wonder if some sort of texturing might make it easier, when you're plummeting toward the ground, to get a sense of when you're getting close and need to pull up. I would often feel like I was just about hugging the ground but then pass well over one of the fruit. Anyway, great relaxing game. I'm glad rockpapershotgun refered me to it.

I think maybe it's a v-sync issue? If I lower the resolution enough to get 60 FPS, the medium and high settings are perfectly smooth. If the frame rate drops below 60, I get awful hitches. (Unfortunately there's no wide-screen resolution option low enough for my PC to get consistent 60 on Med/High). Also, weirdly, if I try to force v-sync through the control panel, I get low frame rates and hitching even on the low setting, but as soon as I go into the game's menu, the frame rate shoots back up to 200+ (Forcing v-sync OFF through the control panel doesn't seem to work, or at least has no effect on the hitching at Med/High.)

Not really expecting technical support for a little game like this, but thought maybe you'd be interested. Thanks again for making it.

I really love this. Is there any chance you could include any other graphics options? I get like 200+ FPS on low but a choppy/unsteady 30-40 on medium. Fortunately low looks pretty great, but it would be cool to have a setting between those two somehow. My computer is i3-4130, GT 740, 4G RAM.
But this game is great and beautiful even on low. The flying feels really good. Thanks so much for making it!