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Yes there were an error message - a longer one, which I forgot, but if there is a way to see all possible error messages I would recognize the one I got.
Sadly, I have overwritten the saved game before that door, that is why I was hesitating to report the crash since I don't really have much information to provide about it.

I had another crash while using the key to unlock the last room in thieves' test. When I reran the game, it asked me if I want to load the crash backup instead - which I did, but the door was still locked and they key was not in inventory anymore. I had the game properly saved before attempting to use the key, so I tried to reproduce the crash, but it didn't happen again - and I tried several times.

I don't know if Albion developers mentioned Ambermoon as their influence, but it certainly is; the similarities are just too many to be a coincidence. is basically Ambermoon with quality of life improvements, smooth movement, and optional graphics enhancements. The gameplay is the same, at least in the original version (there is also a "advanced" version). If you liked Albion, you would like this one for sure.

Yes, after killing the last enemy, and I had 1 HP left. I expected to see the loot screen but I got this "Attempted to divide by zero" message instead. I reloaded and did that battle again but no bug appeared, presumably because I had more than 1 HP in the end.

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Great work, remaking an old game and making it more accessible. The game itself is also very good. I don't know if you are aware of a bug: happened when my character (solo at the moment, Linux version) was at very low health during a fight at Spannenberg. At the end of the fight the game crashes with a message "Attempted to divide by zero".

Very promising, good-looking roguelike. Development seems to be on hiatus though.

Looks great. Are there any plans for a GNU/Linux release? Since it is written in Unity...