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RE: MNF "sidegirls"

Still hoping for a lewd scene where Sun/Soo  are actively trying to conceive with the MC.

Preferably at the same time. (threesome, alternating creampie, then refer to said babies as o-twins, since they come from the same orgasm)  Or at least some side girls go that route.

(It kinda feels like in your rush to finish you've ditched pretty much all the side girls as actual "get pregnant spouses", despite some earlier conversations had with them in that regard.)

I believe you mentioned sometime around episode 5 that you were planning for 3 chapters, and we were halfway through the first.  Is season 1 = chapter 1, and we should be expecting 2 more (and are thus presumably 1/3rd through), or did you end up having to divide it outside a chapter break for space reasons?

I would assume/hope that the mc of MNF2 won't be the mc of MNF1.  Presumably either a son/daughter. So it's more "High dad with 20 wives and my 40 siblings", Imma gonna to my own thing over here with MY SO(s?), and the characters of MNF1 are more peripheral.

AFAIK You can donate here.  From what I understand, if they put it up on Steam (for a price) then based on steam rules they HAVE to monetize it everywhere else, which can impact attracting a bigger audiance.

My guess is the decision is more on what to do with the pregnancy.

Probably whether to keep it and raise w/ support of family even though wife is in coma (possibly risking wife's life), or decide can't raise  on own/abort to keep mom safer.  But, to many that would still be considered a live or die decision.  ( I *suspect* though by saying it isn't live or die, Killer7 is saying it's precisely NOT what you are suggesting.  Not that it isn't about aborting/not aborting the pregnancy.)


Near sighted is when things get blurry far away.

Near sighted.  You can see near things.

"The extermination of the Undrea's blight upon the Acarhyn lands has ended!"



"The extermination of the Undrea has ended this blight upon the Acarhyn lands!"


"The extermination of the Undrea has ended it's assault upon the Acarhyn lands!" (maybe rampage or attack?  "Blight" doesn't really fit a large monster tearing stuff up)

I think it's a bit... weird... that the two adopted daughters photos aren't under the T.V.  I get why you couldn't have them there right away for plot reasons before the MC learned about them, but afterwards it seems... callous?   (Is there a possible path where you don't ever learn about them?)

Maybe a brief scene where Bethany puts them back saying Sarah asked her to remove them until she had a chance to introduce herself or something?

(Though I think you only see the scene of the photos maybe once after that? Though I noticed it shortly after Lina comes home, so it just sorta hit hard.)

When MC is looking at the last candy in the jar saying "oh, it seems there's even one left" click on it.

No idea if there is some other "good" hidden ending.  There doesn't seem to be any "missed anything" suggestion that there is more.

The linked patreon page (in the more information section) usually has a fairly small synopsis of the additions, but it's not always terribly specific.

If only there was a link to his Patreon in the more information section where you could read his updates...

Loading pretty much any of my saves:


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 94, in script

    python hide:

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 94, in <module>

    python hide:

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 97, in _execute_python_hide


  File "game/updates.rpy", line 98, in after_load_callback

  File "game/updates.rpy", line 113, in compare_version

AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'match'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "cl/class_room.rpyc", line 248, in script call

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 94, in script

    python hide:

  File "renpy/", line 928, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "renpy/", line 2245, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 94, in <module>

    python hide:

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 97, in _execute_python_hide


  File "game/updates.rpy", line 98, in after_load_callback

  File "game/updates.rpy", line 113, in compare_version

AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'match'



Love & Sex : Second Base 21.10.0c

Mon Nov  1 21:34:28 2021


(And when I work, an event fires for Shiori where I guess she misses a call where she hints she'd like to be spanked and sending her back to  15 love and locking it there.  I *think* I did that event, but not 100% sure.  She's finished, so maybe it's a new event?)

The hidden halloween ending was quite a bit darker than I would have expected...

1. Chloe remains an unclickable ? in the memories screen even after unlocking (AFAIK) all her scenes.

2. Attempting to do Emma's Day 13 evening event results in an exception right at the end:

  File "game/script2.rpy", line 56845, in <module>

NameError: name 'flag_emma_backdoor_decline' is not defined

Presumably flag isn't defined because I didn't decline?

3. Speaking of, said event only seems to happen if you spill the beans to Emma at the very first opportunity.  Unsure if this means failing to do so ends her as a prospective romance in spite of her story appearing to continue for some ways (including getting a second chance to spill the beans) or does it mean there is a branch in her story?)  AFAIK romances typically fail at the end of the week, which would presumably be after the 14th day, not the 13th.  She even has a (possible) lewd scene earlier that day.

P.S. Line 56845?  Not sure if that's some sort of odd restriction in the renpy engine, but no source file should EVER be that long.

Silly non American.  Everybody knows it makes far more sense to go from small max number to large max number when specifying a date, (eg, 12/31/infinite) and not small unit of time to large unit of time.(eg day.month.year)

(Though, it does make me wonder.  Do they typically say "1st of October" in the U.K., or "October 1st"?)

U.S. is typically the latter, (which is probably more accurately where the date order comes from) but most other European languages, AFAIK, only really support the former as far as general structure goes, so I expect U.K. being so much closer to said other language speaking countries, sorta got forced into the "backwards vs. how they say it" order, so wonder if the speech switched around to reflect that?

IIRC you can only collar her if you go the revenge path, so if you're doing a sex slave route for all, then yeah.

think you are misunderstanding the choices being presented.

It's choosing between:
1. Working on both in somewhat parallel, (e.g. a few hours of MNF until the dev gets a bit blocked, or comes up with an idea for MNM, or simply finishes a day/event and comes to a good breaking point then switches over to working a bit on MNM.

2. ONLY working on MNF until the writer finishes a full update, then switch over to MNM until finishing the full update, etc.

Either way they are both (theoretically) progressing.  2 seems like it may be better for Patreons, to let them speak with their wallet as to which game they prefer the dev spends time on, (by changing tiers from month to month) and (potentially) creating more accountability for frequency of updates. 1 seems more flexible allowing the writer to respond to flashes of inspiration when they happen... but maybe the dev actually LIKES being "siloed", and focusing exclusively on one thing at a time... though, 1 doesn't really prevent the dev from self siloing if he's really on a roll with one of them.

I'm not a patreon, so don't particularly care.  I happily leave it with whatever workflow is better for the Dev. (or, I guess, whatever the Patreons choose for him.)

P.S.  If the dev has a preference, feel free to post it, and give us "whatever the dev wants" a say, I guess.  That, or make it a 3rd option in the poll.

There used to be a code to unlock it, but apparently that wasn't enough, and Patreon found out and demanded the dev remove it entirely or be deplatformed.  Thankfully somebody linked an unofficial patch that restored it.

Hope you're planning on using a montage of marriages to "cover" the timeskip if you're planning it for 0.23, because I sorta feel trying to cram them all in 0.21 and 0.22 when the MC hasn't even finished proposing to all the girls would definitely feel rushed, and I'm not sure MC/Sandra in particular waiting 7 more months (I think?) to make it official post time skip really fits them.  A montage would also let you feel like there's some time progressing to prepare for each one to make each ones special/unique, without having to make a bunch of actual days with filler between them.

Unsure if this is the issue you're seeing, but from what I remember when I was doing it I had to do them in order.  (e.g. at one point both the, I wanna say 5th and 3rd were still "to do", with the 4th as ????, but I couldn't actually do the 5th until I did the 3rd and 4th.  Can't remember if 5th was dinner with Lavish though.  I *think* it was, but not positive.)  If all the ones prior to the dinner are complete though, I guess I'd just work on progressing all the other Office Harem girls individual stories. (IIRC, another girl pops up during the dinner, so you may have to have progressed far enough in her story)

Try checking the changelog on his patreon site.  Should be obvious.

Define "Complete". There are endings you can reach on Mike's route, but content is still being added to it.  (for example, the update in progress is, I understand, the final touches to the Office Harem.  Assuming that also adds an ending to the girls in the Office Harem, I'd guesstimate that provides an ending with a bit over half of the girls in the game.)

That said, there is virtually no content for the Bree route (Mike can currently form a relationship with a bit over 20 girls, I believe. with a few teasers, whereas I believe Bree only has 2 guys available, (and I believe only 1 of the girls)). Judging by a recent post on his patreon, (link to his patreon in the more information section above) it's unlikely there ever will be much.  Apparently there isn't much support among his patreon subscribers for the Bree route however it does read like he is attempting to gauge how much support there would be for a separate, but similar, game with a female MC.

(1 edit)

FWIW guys, there is one of the girls available in 4.4, but you have to enter the same code as in the previous version to "fully" unlock her for precisely the same reason you had to input the code in the previous version..

Are the pregnancy requests broken/unobtainable?

Full Home Harem, been that way for several weeks, everybodies love as capped as it can get in the current build, everybodies story completed, (Bree maid path) but no pregnancy requests. (Also tried Going Steady with all of them, no difference.)

(Note:  All girls except Minami (who can't be yet) are sex slaves, does that block it?  Usually that's considered same as girlfriend status for most events.  Minami's status is Adopted Sister, and can't find anyway to change it, even "going steady" leaves it as Adopted Sister.)

I've never experienced what the other person is saying, with certain plot exceptions, the girls don't seem to care what you are doing in regards to the other girls.

(Though kissing one girl in the same area where another girl you are romantic with will cause a negative hit to the other girl, and possibly set cheating flags).

However, if a girls lesbian stat is high they will lose a number of love points every day until you get their lesbian stat down low enough.  (Typically done via advancing their story, though I believe there is a book that does it as well.)

Unless there's been a bug introduced, you should be able to acquire all the talk topics by the time your knowledge caps out.  Is it possible you have clothing artificially inflating your knowledge and you aren't actually at the cap?  I don't *think* clothing bonuses count towards actually learning topics.

Not sure if this is a bug or just not implemented yet, but I have the Home Harem with Sasha, Bree and Minami in it.  (I'm at the stage where I need to ask the other 3 if Sam can join, and have had the 3some with Sam, Sasha, and Lexi)

While Home, if I ask Sasha or Bree for Sex, the one I don't ask along with Minami pop up asking if they can join, however I only get the option to include Bree and Sasha, (or just the one I initially asked), and Minami is left getting a -1 affection hit regardless of which option I select.

If I ask Minami, the other two ask if they can join, but I only have the option to sleep with Minami, and the other two end up with a -1 affection hit.

(1 edit)

I do have to somewhat agree with the other poster, it seems a bit... excessive... that the free version is 3 versions /half a year behind, when most free versions (that aren't just outright demos) are a few weeks/1 version behind.

That said, As long as it more or less stays a consistent length behind free folks are getting content at the same rate, just delayed, so, meh.  Best case I'll  just have a massive catchup jump when it finally finishes up, assuming the author puts up a "paid" version right when they finish.  (I'm somewhat a fan of the "patreon version to people who have actually paid at least $x model".  I consider the patreon "subscription" model somewhat sketch, as you're literally paying the person to draw the games development out as long as possible.)

edit: And of course those devs who ONLY ever make the final game available via patreon can rot.  Clearly hoping people forget they are subbing and just keep paying for nothing.

Thought it was actually pretty clear, but a big part of the issue that the other reply doesn't address is Abby is apparently a total blackout drinker.  The reason she freaks out resulting in a game over is she doesn't just not remember it was her idea.  She doesn't even remember getting drunk.  And just because she's fine getting frisky with Lillith on occasion and wants her Dad to sleep in a real bed doesn't means she's fine sleeping in bed virtually nude with her Dad...  at least not consciously (yet).  And since she doesn't even remember getting drunk, following Lillith's prodding, she, as she clearly says,  jumps to the "He drugged me" conclusion.

WIll you be adding a gallery at some point?  Seems like it would be easier to hook up the sooner you do it.

(4 edits)

Just to pipe in, I believe Perverteer mentioned elsewhere that the game is still in the first of 3 planned acts, with the first act being ~10 chapters. (I believe around chapter 5 he said we were around 1/2 way through the first act)

E.g. it's still in the "introducing the characters/problem" stage.  Presumably Act 2 is where we're actually going to form serious relationships with most of the women as we figure out how to solve the problem, (and maybe solve the problem) and then act 3 is likely wrapping up the relationships. 

My *guess* is act 2 will end with the problem being solved in such a way as to result in a time jump allowing the pregnancies to develop such that they will be visible for the act 3 shenanigans.  I wouldn't expect much in the way of "Full Harem" until act 3, though I suspect we'll get partial scenes as they learn about/accept the other relationships towards the end of Act 2.

Also, I'm not sure the idea of a ship crewed by visibly pregnant women taking on the Sovereignty (or whatever it's called, I'm assuming their leaders end up being the big baddies), would really work/make sense, so I'd assume they mostly get pregnant on the eve of whatever "big solution" the author has planned for us in an "I want you to knock me up now in case you don't make it back" sort of way.)  I'd hope civilization would be advanced enough by that point that getting pregnant requires a  conscious decision, and not "oops, forgot to pull out". Particularly for members of a mixed sex Navy.

TLDR:  I don't believe we are anywhere near as far into the game as you think we are.  Finding the missing sister, I suspect, is merely the "learning the problem exists" stage.  It isn't anywhere near the actual conflict/resolution of the games plot.

P.S.  I am rather curious if it's going to be possible to get the Alien women pregnant  So far there's been no indication this is a "Star Trek" situation where all the intelligent races were seeded from a progenitor race, and are thus biologically compatible, nor has there been any examples (I'm aware of) given of cross species offspring.  However their relationships say "Pregnant:No" and not "NA", or simply no field as per Raene.  Which strongly suggests, (at least to me) that the option will be there.  I hope the author doesn't just "handwave" it though, and provides some sort of explanation. (some sort of high tech genetic sequencing/translation nanobots in a pill that have to be taken before sex or something that automatically converts the DNA in the sperm from "Human" DNA to something compatible with a specific target species?)

If you're using the Itch App, it looks like the Dev moved it to Mega, which the Itch App doesn't support.  You have to manually download it outside the app.

(Which, yeah, is annoying, as "update" in this case mostly just silently fails, unlike an initial install which gives you an error message.)

Not entirely sure how to manually install so the Update prompt goes away, I suspect I have to unzip it to the appropriate location in itch installs folder, but didn't bother trying it.

TLDR:  There's effectively a file size limit here, so dev broke game in two once it got big.

0.14 is parts  0.1-0.14, 0.18 is parts 0.15-0.18.  It's more chapters than real version numbers.

According to the wiki, sex slaves count as girlfriends here.  I had also impregnated Samantha during the revenge story scene, but didn't have any sex slaves (or even started the home Harem) and correctly said had no girlfriends.

100% agree.  Not sure what your Patreon supporters were thinking, (I believe there was a poll?) but adding Camila at this point just seems completely unnecessary, especially as even meeting her requires, at this point, removal of a girl with unfinished content who was just recently added to a (also unfinished) harem.  (I'm hoping that, at some point, Camila and Kylie will be able to coexist with Camila probably being worked into the taming Harem somehow, though I'd argue Camila's addition should have been held off until coexistance, at least, was possible, assuming she's a part of Kylies storyline, and that's why she was added before Kylie was finished. )

Not sure if this (or something like it) is in the plans, but just like how some of the girls start getting proactive about getting pregnant when the MC has unprotected sex with them if they love him enough and aren't on the pill, I think it would be pretty cool if some of the harems (Home, in particular) behave similarly as a group.

e.g. the girl(s?) in question asking (begging, if collared?) him to put a baby in her, while the other girls present also encourage the MC to not pull out, then cheering/encouraging/dibs on nexting as he stays in.  (Possibly with some form of scripted hierarchy instead of specific player choice, skipping any girl already pregnant/on pill/not in harem/not present.  So in the case of the Home Harem, maybe starting with Bree & Sasha sharing a creampie while Minami calls dibs on next during the first scene, then Minami get hers the next time, followed by Samantha, and finally Lexi.

Not sure why it bothered me so much, but:
"All the feelings I surpressed over the years because of me being a stubborn and stupid bitch"

"surpressed" -> "suppressed"