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I'll upload there as soon as I finish all the edits for the swordfish islands print!

Yes, we are just making the final edits before printing it!

No, I don't do these

Yes, the full zine will be available here as soon as it's finished, and I'll be uploading WIPs too

It hasn't been printed yet, but it will be soon!

Send me a message on twitter or instagram and I'll send you a download key!

Obrigado, mas tanto aqui quanto lá no drive da caramelo tem as ruínas em português, se você não tiver acesso por lá entre em contato com a galera da caramelo pfvr

Thank you for the compliments! ❤️

I left out the room descriptions on purpose to try a new OPD format, I felt confident enough the illustration can inspire the GM's imagination, but it's definitely something I wouldn't do in bigger projects!

Thank you for the compliments!

I only give permission for personal use, for commercial use I ask for a fair compensation (depending on the size and scope of the project) and credits. If you're interested just hit my DMs on twitter or instagram, I do comissions too!

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed your christmas gift!

Thank you!

Just uploaded the PNG minis in a zip file, enjoy! <3

Thank you, gonna change these!

Not sure yet, I'm talking with them!

It's something I'm planning for the next year, the full book will have new art and extra content!

Botei lá o qrcode!

Agora você pode comprar o pdf e os zines físicos pelo site da caramelo jogos!


Bent/Scum are city bandits I believe, they are in the bestiary from the book. Black Knights and Inquisitors are not described in the book, feel free to replace them with something else!

Not right now, I'll let you know when it's in print!

The forgotten slots is for mundane tools, but you can buy weapons at the start the game if the GM allows.

Monsters move and attack but only players roll. In that case they would roll to defend themselves.


Valeu brother!

Thank you, have fun! 🤘

Hahaha someone had to do it!

Thanks, have fun! 🤘

You just reminded me why I had put that bridge in the first place, thank you! hahahaha

I still don't know why stripe doesn't work for me :/ It's a shame

It's finished, go take a look!

Twitter and instagram, mostly!

Tirei a opção do pix porque não tem a edição pt-br ainda e pretendo fazer o financiamento logo mais onde você poderá adquirir o impresso e o digital, então se puder esperar é melhor nós dois!

Obrigado! To trabalhando na tradução, logo mais sairá o financiamento do impresso!

It's finished now, go take a look!

Sim, o arquivo dela tá incluso na compra

It's almost done! I'm finishing the last illustrations right now

The writing is 90% done, I'm working on the final illustrations right now. I'm planning to have everything finished by the end of October!

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It's possible to take 0 damage if you roll equal to your opponent's DL. Players always have to roll higher than the opponent's DL (adding the appropriate ability score), so if you roll under the opponent's DL, you take the damage (the difference of the roll + stat - DL). In the example you gave me, your character would receive 5 damage.

I changed the access to the files, check if you can get the other two mini-zines now!

Unfortunately I don't know :/ 

I can send you the files via email if that doesn't work!

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I don't have an estimate yet as I'm taking some time to work on other projects, but I'm planning the third zine to be a procedural megadungeon under the valley. I won't be making expansions for this setting specifically but I'll probably make more micro-setting maps like the first zine in the future! 🙏