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I changed the access to the files, check if you can get the other two mini-zines now!

Unfortunately I don't know :/ 

I can send you the files via email if that doesn't work!

I'm waiting for more donations before putting more free copies. Keep coming and you will find some eventually!

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I don't have an estimate yet as I'm taking some time to work on other projects, but I'm planning the third zine to be a procedural megadungeon under the valley. I won't be making expansions for this setting specifically but I'll probably make more micro-setting maps like the first zine in the future! 🙏

Hello! Thank you very much for your enthusiasm!

Yeah, I liked increasing the cost for the forgotten slots, I'll probably add it in the final version.
The DL rate is just a reference, I expect the GM to adjust it to their taste, but I think it works well if you use it together with Partials & Criticals so that a super difficult task might fail but still achieve something and a super-easy task succeeds but still give some bad consequences.

I'm very welcome to fan content, please go ahead and make it! I only ask you to wait on the magic supplement stuff until I release mine first (it's already in the works!), but if you make adventures for it please don't hesitate to publish and sell it!

Yeah, the navigation mechanic makes more sense in the original game which is pirate themed. xD Thank you so much for playing it!

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I'm glad you enjoy it! <3

You roll armor UD to ignore all income damage. The UD roll is just to see if the armor is reduced or not, but if you want to make it more deadly, you can make characters take damage when the UD roll fails.

The TD is the former acronym to target difficulty, which is now difficulty level (DL). I forgot to correct that one, gonna make an update correction today. (Thanks for asking!)

The lack of information to what happens when you reach 0HP is intentional so that GM and players decide. It makes you vulnerable to deadly wounds, so next hit you might die or become severely injured needing rescue. It also depends on the intention of the opponent, maybe they want to capture you alive so the next hit makes you unconscious. I'll make a expanded version of these rules later to cover this circumstances!

Hello! The pdf won't be updated anymore, but the second zine is here:

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Thank you for the compliments! Unfortunately, I can only accept payments through PayPal right now (unless you're brazilian, you could send me a PIX!) but once it's done you'll probably have the option to buy the physical copies elsewhere, if you follow my itch page you will be notified! o/

Yes! I'll describe how they are used and how much they are valuable inside and outside the setting, so you can bring them over to your own campaigns. I don't have any specific mechanics in mind yet, but it will probably be something neutral like "x-in-6".

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Exactly, they are these living creatures made of clay in the shape of pots!


Espera o financiamento da impressão PT-BR, vai sair esse mês ainda! Se inscreve aqui pra ser avisado no dia do lançamento:

hehehe Yes 

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Thanks for asking! I can't guarantee it will be on issue 3, but I assure it will be in the final hardcover edition

Have fun and let me know how it goes on your table! 🙌

Thank you very much! ❤️

It was supposed to be there too, gonna check that. But good idea! Gonna keep the tracking sheet as a demo file. Thanks!

Coming soon!

Thank you!

Thank you! The second issue is coming soon!

Coolest birb minis ever

Thanks Dave!


Thanks, I'm glad you liked! ❤️ 

The lack of space forced me to check priorities so I decided to leave death out of it, for now it's up to the GM when a character dies.

But I like to give one last chance to survive when they reach 0hp. They are now vulnerable to a deadly blow but if they manage to escape or the group works together to rescue them and tend to their wounds, they survive.

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Sure, as long as you credit the ruleset it's cool for me! And send me the link to play please

Also the format I'm using is A4, not letter

It's a mini-zine, you fold like this, if your printer doesn't print the whole surface of the sheet you need to cut the edges before folding:

This text is not mine and I can't edit it. It's the standard text for the reward section of itch, which was made to distribute exclusive stuff, but we use to distribute free community copies.

Sorry for the confusion! "Exclusive content" is the standard name of the section that we use to distribute community copies of the game (which are free, so the price doesn't appear). If I was charging extra for something the price would be visible!

Have fun! ❤️

thanks! Hope you have fun!

Please let us add more creators to help our friend

Sorry, I forgot to explain that! I've put it as a demo to be available for free for everyone.

Olá pessoal!
Quero começar me desculpando pela ausência nesses últimos meses, minha rotinha ficou muito mais atolada do que eu tinha previsto no início desse evento e acabei negligenciando vocês. Muito obrigado por terem se dedicado e enviado esses materiais incríveis! Dá pra ver que fizeram com muito carinho e isso é maravilhoso.

Enfim, eu fiquei de juntar tudo em um único documento e  aqui está o resultado:

A idéia era upar no Dungeonist pras pessoas poderem imprimir por preço de custo no print on demand, mas acho que não vai rolar. Como podem ver, os arquivos estão todos com tamanhos diferentes e alguém ainda mandou em A4 ao invés de A5. Se ainda tiverem interesse de fazer isso rolar preciso que todos reenviem os seus arquivos em A5 com resolução de 300 dpi (1748 x 2480 pixels), basta upar de novo no próprio itch e me avisar que fez isso. Alguns fizeram com 11 páginas ao invés de 12, preciso que completem a última página mesmo que seja pra deixar vazia.

Both dungeons will be in the second issue, but I'm redrawing them and I will probably rewrite too, and they will be available for free once the second issue is released!

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Caramba bicho isso tá muito foda!!

É isso sim, mete bala aí!

Fala comigo lá no twitter que a gente resolve (, ou então me manda um e-mail (