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Really good game, i like the idea, i was hopping for more, good job dev

Really good demo, i like it all, great job dev, hope to see the full version soon.

I survive

I survived :)

Short but scary, i like it, thank you dev for making i, i was hoping more gameplay :_(

well done, i like this game, short but scary and creepy, thank you for making it dev, how much endings there.

Short but scary experience, thank you dev for making it :)

Great game, i like the way how its rolling, thank you for making it dev

Scary game, really got me jumping the first one, i like th idea great job dev, i hope to see more from you


Love it, realy glad that i play your game, as a fan of old games i enjoy playing it, hope to play the full game soon, thank you for makig it devs, really thank you :)

Really glad that i play your game, i had a lot of fun in everything, really well done, i wish to play full game soon, thank you.

Really well done Dev, it was amazing experience, glad that i play it, thank you for making it.

Glad i play your game Dev, i like the idea, well done and thank you for making it :)

Well done really ike t remember me of psx games, its scary too thank yo for making it dev i enjoy playing it 

Scary little game , i like it , thank you for making it dev, there one thing that i cant cancel paper when i open to read them, i hope you will fix that thank you

Ma this game is awesome i really enjoy playing it, thank you for making this great experience dev :)

I like it, this game is scary, i wish if there more, thank you for making it, i like your arts also :)

Funny and Spooky, the most haunted toilet i ever seen lol

Short but fun, thank you dev for making it :)

This is new and creepy, great idea of the game, well made dev thank you for this experience, i really enjoy playing how fish is made.

Really good game, was short but fun, i like the idea escape games, thank you for making this game Dev

this is great happy to help, thank you for the effort dev, this game need to be perfect for sure :)

thank you for the hint dev, i will try to find it, and im pretty sure where exactly should i look for :)

Check out my gameplay i find 19/20 of there evidance i missed one
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I really enjoy playing your game :) , im not a dev but i was learning game dev using the same engine you use but in old one as i remember it was A4 it was the new one back then.

Anyway great work its remember me of cthulu game ,  thank you for making it, it was really fun experience :)

there some little bugs but the one that i think is big like i can take woods even the door not opened and because of it the phone wont ring, and you cant do anything after that :) anything else was great

I wish to see more from you, thank you :)

I really like this game, as a fan of old psx games SH/RE, as i see its bring to me the old felling back, really thank you for making it, i hope to see more from your Dev 

Thank you :)

I Didnt expect to be that scary, i really enjoy playing it,thank you dev for making this game :)

Short but scary thank you to making it dev :)

Glad to know :)

I will be happy to play it thank you :)

Great game, i like the puzzles, i wish if there more, anyway thank you for making it hope to see more from you :)

Great work, I like the atmosphere and graphics, had a great time playing, your game, got scary many times :)

I will play it for sure, thank you :)

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I love it i wish to make full game with more puzzles and monsters, i really like old games Psx, thank you Dev

Short but awesome as i like psx games, i hope there was more

I like the game, i feel spooky and sad in same time, short but good

Scary experience, i love the idea of this game, im glad that i play it, i had scary and fun mementos :)

here is my gameplay i hope you will like it :

Great game, and now i want to play the full version :)

well made dev, dark and creepy story, the graphics and art work are great, thank you for this wonderful game.

here is my gameplay of the Demo

Great job , i like the idea of the game, i keep searching in other worlds if there something, but after all well done, im looking forward for the rest :)