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Those are some cute derpy sheep.

Great concept for a demake!

Wow! The concept and level design of this game are so on point! It's such a cool combination of puzzler and classic arcade action. Yeah, I'd have played another 99 levels of this. Great job.

I really like the balloon dudes. Are these maps proceduraly generated? I really wanna be able to buy upgrades with all this gold!

This game is amazing! I think it's my favorite out of all your library of games. What a cool concept. I bet an online co-op version would do really well. I know that's a lot of work, but something tells me you'd be up to the challenge!

This is a tough one! What if you warped to the other side of the screen when you get to an edge, as in asteroids?

This game is XTREME

I love super crate box. What a cool twist on the theme!

Devastating! The controls feel well-tuned, and I love the sashimi-rag-doll death animation! If I had one recommendation, it might be to show a little "splash" animation where you clicked to help show the player know how powerful the effect will be...?

Pretty brilliant concept. Quite soothing and surprisingly difficult at times. How do you generate levels?