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No, i'm no longer working on this project. It was a game jam game. Thanks for the comment!

This is really cool, like an arcade version of ksp :)

The water looks sick

Nice concept

Real nice game, although the timer got stuck after I failed level six. Apart from that I love the transitions and simplicity.

Very cool game, although I would have liked more of an explanation. Nice music!

Nice! Fun to mess around in, I like the movement.

This is actually such a cool project. I love the art style and the whole idea. Maybe a bit too many cars but apart from that this is perfect!

Cool! I like the minimalistic design alot.


Nice, I like the art style!

Nice, I like the sound effects!


Thanks for the feedback!

I wanted to make the player feel slow at first to get the player used to the upgrades system, although I was wondering if I had made it a little too slow. I also agree that the bloom was too high, although it looked less bright in the editor and only realised once I had submitted lol. I'll be sure to check out your game, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I was kinda annoyed that I couldn’t add music in the time I had left. Glad you enjoyed, however!

Wow, this game is amazing! I got stuck on some levels and was not able to complete the game, so maybe some more guidance would have been nice. However, this game is beautiful, the music is amazing and the gameplay is great!

Thanks! The snake style was actually the style I was going for! Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

I was looking at ways to make the game more difficult, but sadly I just ran out of time. I only had about 2 days in the end to work on the game, but I was happy that I finished!

Playing the game after the jam I realised that it was too easy.

Btw your game is great! I left a rating on it.


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll be sure to release an update with a ‘How To Play’ page!

P.S Nice high score!