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Really nice ideia and pixel art! I had some issues with the portal's interact comand, when you press"E" at the portal the player stops moving but the enemies dont, so on the screen transition to the next room you can get hit by them.

But congrats anyway!

Wow, what an addicting game... I had to force me to stop in order to play and give feedback to the other games of the Jam! Really sweet mechanics, making some roles around you and keeping still on the unbreakable block underneath you worked like a little bug sploit but it didn't really affected the game fell (only made it a little easier). Congrats guys!

Entendi! Consegui pensar em duas sugestões:

Talvez fazer os inimigos voltarem para suas posições iniciais depois de x segundos sem alteração na pos do eixo x ou do eixo y já daria uma folga para os gargalos do corredores.

Ou quem sabe na saída do corredor para uma sala não ser um angulo de 90° e sim uma parede de 45° que aí vai fazer o inimigo se arrastar nela até conseguir acessar o corredor. 

Esse é o espírito da coisa! Kkkkkkkk

Really nice imersion atmosphere created, sometime I got lost on what I could interact, but the small rooms make you find it quickly without sacrificing the game feel. 

Really sweet the history but It could use some mechanics more related to the JAM's theme. Anyways congrats!

Perfect graphics and nicely fitting the Jam's theme. Sometimes the enemies spawns above the player when we enter the room, but it doesn't decreased the fun of the game, congrats!

Nice side effect XD

The pixel art is really beautiful but It was really difficult to deal with the range and fast teleport of some enemies when you only can attack on right or left directions. 

Everything fits real nice. We should be allowed to mix the effects, it would be awesome! when does it come to Switch? XD

Really nice Idea, the increasing background noise works really well with the feeling of emergency. The pills not respawning after sometime punishs to much the player when we choose a wrong path.

I love card games, and this endless run style keeps you addicted. I couldn't finish it because its really hard but I played it a lot! Sometimes I just received lots of "normal attacks" repeatedly and usually it would lead me to death.

Aewsome Pixel art, and a pretty nice idea. I felt the game a little unbalanced it was really hard from the very beggining and the effect of transparency of the cards could be a little more subtle it was really hard to see what was written on them.

Nice idea, perfect fit with the Jam's Theme. My high score was 27, I really suck at fast clicing games XD. The game could use some extra benefict from the production's click, like buying something to help clean the water, it would be pretty fun.

The game fits perfectly on the GAMEJam Theme, and the high contrast of the pixel art mixed with the music gives a good feeling. I've experienced some issues with the colliders of the player and the enemies, sometimes  you cant progress without a hit, it killed me sometimes and I'couldnt do nothing to prevent that. 


Tower Defenses are always really exciting and fun, we could have some more upgrade option! But anyway, for a game developed in 48h its really nice. Congrats!

Vlw Anderson! Tivemos alguns contratempos durante o projeto (normal de uma GameJam) que nos fizeram ter que sacrificar alguns passos importantes para que conseguíssemos ter uma versão funcional, um tutorial mais completo foi um desses sacrifícios. Mas já está nos nossos milestones implementar um tutorial que permita o jogador já iniciar o game já entendendo toda a mecânica básica e os objetivos do Game!

Thank you for playing and giving us feedbacks! We're planning to enforce the tutorial on a step by step base animation to teach the player how to craft and understand all the basics of the game.

Very good Anderson! You could add some visual signs for the player when he goes a long time without finding his house, there was a map that I just completely lost myself and never found the igloo XD