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wow that was really cool

ah yes, an absolute classic. i remember getting completely scared shitless because of how well the game was executed. just something about a mindless killer wielding a power drill roaming around clausterphobic halls of an abandoned building makes it seem very unsettling to say the least. it's a shame this never got finished though :(

Ben, if you're also reading this then just so you know, we're all patient for you to finish this game as we understand that you're just an indie developer. But make sure to remind yourself to take a break every now and then :)

i've hesitated to play this game for quite a while ever since i first bought it and let me say, it was worth every second of it no matter how many times i was having a panic attack.

i guess i have gotten over the fear of playing this now.

Night Shift was my first Puppet Combo game and let me say, it was an interesting start in my following of this developer. I have recorded it though! But unfortunately, I played it with one of my friends when I should've recorded it by myself.

Ben, if you're reading this then, I appreciate you being a part of the game development industry!

I'll be sure to get it as soon as i get enough money