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Is there any to get the last picture scrap from the options menu? i'm looking right at it, but I can't collect it with the mouse or the controller. I've tried holding the zoom button on both for several minutes now.

I'd like to preface this by saying this was my response to someone asking how accurate this remake was to the original PT on r/silenthill

It's pretty faithful to the original in terms of look and feel of the game, but the Lisa model is only used once with a poor stand in model. The original model does show up when she strangles you, but it appears to be a video of actual gameplay footage rather than an in engine render which is pretty jarring. Not sure why this decision was made as her original model was also data mined. The hallway uses the original models for the hallway and bathroom, but it lacks the starting room and the stairs. It doesn't contain all of the sequences that the original had and it's missing a few objects such as the "gouge it out" picture. The lighting at times felt much too dark and little details that were missing really through me off as I've seen PT hundreds of times by now. The fetus isn't quite right in the way it moves, and the door handle never turns when you are locked in the bathroom. I felt this killed a bit of the tension of "is she going to break into this room with me?" It didn't have the option to adjust the sensitivity which I felt to be pretty low for what I'm used to. All of the double headed roaches are missing and the rain effects on the windows and scratches on the mirror are also absent and you can't see your shadow so you can see that you have no player model. No blood pours from the fridge either which is really odd considering you can hear it pouring out onto the floor. Speaking of the floor it didn't look as reflective as it did in the original game and looks kinda' dark and worn out. It cuts off shortly after the hanging fridge is introduced and the siren from the movie starts playing before it ended.

I know a lot of those are oddly specific gripes about the game and they aren't the only ones that I noticed, but I really do want somebody to make a version that is indistinguishable from the original game. This is a very close effort though and I do appreciate what the creator went through to make it. It's probably the most accurate recreation I've seen so far though so that is great in terms of what we had before. I'd say it's worth at least one playthrough, especially for free.

Huge fan of this project! Been waiting for something like this, as I never got to play PT at the time it was up on the PS Store. Big Silent Hill fan and I have to say this is looking fantastic. I only have one tiny thing that kinda' stuck out to me and didn't feel like it really fit, and that's the jumping mechanic. It's well done and all, but I just don't think it fits the gameplay that PT has to offer. PT was a pretty basic game in terms of player control and being able to jump just doesn't serve any real purpose within the game. Other than that very minor issue(?) with the game, it looks and plays great. I can't wait to see the final product.