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Really cool game!Atmosphere was on point!I had some difficulties but I guess that's on my end!Keep up!:)

Really good little crime game! Hope to see more!:)

Really cozy little game! Thank you for sharing this experience with us! Keep up the good work! :)

Really neat little game!Thanks for sharing the experience with us!Keep Up!:)

Good game good atmosphere but the pickup mechanic needs a little bit of work!Keep up the good work!:)

Really cool little game!Kinda challenging!Keep up!:)

Really cool game with awesome atmosphere.With a little bit of polish it would be really good.Can't wait for part 2!Keep up!:)

Really good game with atmosphere! The only thing that bothered me is the optimization in some places the frame went way down but other than that it's a good game! Keep up!:)

This game was really cool actually the mannequins were kinda cartoony but it was more enjoyable for me that way! Keep up!:)

Really cool platformer it had awesome atmosphere but it was kinda short.Hope to see more in the future!:)

Really atmospheric game and congrats for doing this awesome demo in this short amount of time!Keep up!:)

It was fun I had some problems in the end but it was a glithy mess that I loved!:)

Really cool game with awesome atmosphere.Little hard though but that's the point I guess!:)

Really cool game with awesome design! The thing is it's kinda was hard for me haha! Good game nonetheless! :)

Very good atmosphere! Looking really polished and good concept! Keep up! :)

Really good and goofy game! I hope I see more games like this haha!:)

Really cool game with good atmosphere! The only thing that bothered me a little is the camera but other than that keep up! :)

Keep up! :)

Really DANK game! It really bringed me some nostalgia factor with slondy ove here!Keep up the good work!

Really good atmosphere! Hope to get more!

Really good game! Hope to see more in the future!

Hi! I just uploaded a video about the game and it made me JUMP soo much! So props to you guys! Can't wait for the full game! :)