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That's lame that you got to experience that. Its a bug then can sometimes occur after you beat the wolf boss (my convoluted eventing for the bosses share a common flag between the 2). Well I guess everyone actually took the corona virus seriously haha.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. RIP Doggo 2020-2020

Yah, abs on makers was something I unfortunately gotten used to and didn't consider other players. In hindsight I should have stuck to a simple rpg game but wanted to do something different. I'm glad to see that you got some fun from it and thx  for playing it!

Thx for playing the game. Yah I noticed many of the downfalls after I uploaded the game. After playing with the ABS I eventually  gotten used to it but didn't consider new players. The pickups are difficult to pick up because the hitboxes are smaller than they are suppose to due to the pixel-movement scripts. The 1 HP is intentional because every time when you die you had 1 hp left. The boulder bug is upsetting and sorry you had to go through that. Also scaling the boss sizes didn't help since it was the image and not the hitboxes.  I guess this it what happens when you turn the engine into something that it wasn't suppose to be. Either than that, thank you for playing the game!

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This version is broken due to one missing image. If your interested in NES zelda like games, you can put your VX Ace RTP files ontop of mine to include missing files or see additional instructions on game page.

You can also try to play the game it was suppose to be like here (FIXED):

I Spent a long time on this so I just want it to be playable.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Glad you like it. My partner and I are already working on the next update. Its mostly what we call the essential update were it adds everything that would make the game more complete (like selecting units with a rts style drag box or destructible buildings)  From there we will decide if we want to be ambitious with the project and add more features beyond what we initially planned  (like tech trees, more units, factions,  etc)

Not at the current moment. This game was originally made for a 72 hour contest but since there seems to be interested I may pick up on the project relatively soon :)

Donwload from here ( ) and unzip with 7-zip (or winrar) :

Download 7-zip (or some other software that can uncompress .rar files) and then try opening the file. Typically files on the internet are compressed (smaller file size) so its easier on the server. Then when its uncompressed you should see "LittlePolys.exe" which you should run.

Strange, you shouldn't need anything else to run it. You only need 7-zip or Winrar to unpack it then you simply just run the "LittlePolys.exe" to play the game.

Here, try this link