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Great, thanks. Just submitted it. 

Hi! I published a solo TTRPG on Halloween that I think would be a good fit for this jam. I certainly did the bulk of the work during the month of October, but unfortunately I found this jam after I'd already put it out. I was thinking of submitting it, but I wasn't sure if this jam was for new games only. What do you think? Either way's fine, let me know, and thanks for hosting. 

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The real art heist was the friends we made along the way. (two thieves go after the same target at a fancy party, miss the target but become best friends instead. delightful game, lots of fun prompts and opportunities for building history)

This is exactly what I wanted out of a Firebrands game. My group used this to end a year-long Blades in the Dark campaign. Wonderful prompts, inspiring both tender character moments and big narrative swings.

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This was a really fun one. I used this game to flesh out part of a larger story. The prompts do a wonderful job at building in tension and the suspense that comes from real randomness. Both my character and I were kept guessing at what was going to happen, which was cool! I liked that the game promotes both action and introspection; it's a nice mixture.

I drew three Aces and three Kings pretty well as the Joker, which makes it easy to get the most favorable outcome. I actually ignored it and kept playing for more of a mixed outcome, which felt more true to the story by that point.

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I started this as a quick, simple game but the prompts encouraged depth that created a much larger story.

I finished the game and am still writing the story, enjoying it very much. Thanks for the thoughtful details that prompt some really fun world-building.

My partner and I are playing this in a multi-session game, and it has been absolutely delightful! My partner is new to RPGs, and the rules have been both easy to learn and interesting. I love that the Belonging outside Belonging system encourages players to make hard or unpredictable moves against each other; it's kept our magic system exciting, high-stakes, and emotional. Would definitely play again in a group of 2-6 players, including as a way to introduce folks to BoB or RPGs in general. 

Reminds me of: the Earthsea trilogy, Princess Mononoke, Friends at the Table's Seasons of Hieron. Magic and danger, but with a focus on relationships and unforeseen consequences.